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- Henton Village Hall -

֍                               THE HIRING AGREEMENT       2019  Number               ֍
Henton Village Hall is on Wells Road B3139 about 3 miles west of Wells on the left. The Hall is hired to the following person(s) and/or organisation subject to the terms, conditions and fees set out below: To conform with GDPR the ‘Data’ we gather here will only be used to process your booking and hire of the hall. It will be kept safe and not passed on to any other organisation without your consent.
Name* (must be over 18)
*who hereby take responsibility for adhering to the terms and conditions of hire.
Tel No
Period of Hire. Date(s)
(include time needed for preparation and clearing up)
Purpose of Hire/Type of Event
Hire Fee
£                      Cheques payable to Henton Village Hall
Damage Deposit Fee
Please provide a separate cheque for £100 and Date this cheque the date of the event. For details see page 4
Please note the hire of the Hall includes use of all areas and facilities (except the Rowe Room which is reserved for a charity and kept under lock and key.)  Should you wish to hire and use only part of the building, please give details below:
The Hall’s insurance does not provide cover for the use of bouncy castles (or similar equipment.) or for Fire Works. Hirers wanting to use them must have their own insurance.   
Serving Alcohol.                     Any hirer serving alcohol must act responsibly and ensure all conditions of the Licensing Act (2003) are observed, as well as ensuring it is only to be consumed by those over 18 years old and that there is no unsociable behaviour.
Where alcohol is to be sold   It must be consumed on the premises and the hirer must apply for a Bar License** at least a week before the event and preferably at the same time this agreement is signed. ** See separate Form.
Terms and Conditions
Age:                               You must be over 18 to hire the Hall.
Number limits:              240 seated in rows, theatre style; 120 at tables; 210 dancing, with
some sitting at tables. These numbers assume the use of both
the main hall and adjacent Gibbs Room. (Note the hall can only
provide about 140 chairs at this time.)
Hire times:                     Monday-Friday, 8.00am – 11.30pm
Saturday, 8.00am – 12.00 midnight
Sunday, 8.00am – 10.30pm
Permitted activities:     The performance of plays; the showing of films (providing age
restrictions are observed); indoor sport (such as badminton and
short-mat bowls); live music and the playing of recorded music
(the Hall has both PRS and PPL licences); dancing and dance
performance. The Hall is also licensed for the provision of hot
food and drink (subject to our policy on hygiene and safe
preparation as set out in the policy document placed in the
Kitchen and in the Blue Book in the foyer).
Fire regulations:
The regulations are displayed in the Hall; abiding by them is a legal requirement.  Before the beginning of any designated activity, all those attending must be told where the four fire exits are, and of the Fire Assembly Point in the upper car-park after leaving the Hall.
Precedence should be given to any disabled, especially those in wheelchairs who should exit through the front door if they can, but if not, through the rear door, turning right and right again to make their way to the front of the Hall, and then to the upper car-park or through the gate into the field.
A hand-operated warning bell is placed inside the entrance to the main Hall.  Anyone discovering a fire should sound it before contacting the Fire Service.  Details should subsequently be given to the Secretary of the Hall Committee.
New hirers will be advised of the fire exits, bell and procedures by the caretaker when viewing the premises for the purpose of hire.  For the period of hire they must keep all fire exits clear of obstructions.
A diagram showing the exits and location of fire extinguishers can be found in the Blue Book in the foyer and is pinned on the noticeboard by the Servery hatch.
First Aid:                The first aid box is kept in the kitchen cupboard on the wall by the sink.
Health & Safety:                     The hirer must abide by the Hall’s Health & Safety policy and be mindful of it when using equipment or preparing food.  Any accidents should be recorded in the accident book, which is kept with the first aid box in the kitchen.  A copy of the policy is available from the Booking Clerk and can also be seen in the Blue Book in the foyer.
Fireworks:                               Fireworks are not permitted under any circumstances, either in the Hall or its grounds and car parks.
Food Preparation
and Allergens                          Hirers serving food should be careful to follow the guidance given for cooking and serving food. Details are posted in the Kitchen. A summary of possible Allergens is also available.
Fly posting:                            Fly posting is not permitted, for any event, whether taking place in the Hall or not.  However, notices, pictures and decorations are allowed providing they are pinned – not glued – to the notice boards or the plastic strips placed at head height around the Main Hall for that purpose.
Animals:                                 Assistance dogs are permitted in the Hall,* but no other animals, birds or pets. (* Except by special agreement)
Noise:                                     The Hall is only licensed for the playing of music and dancing indoors.  The Hirer must ensure the volume is kept to a level that will not disturb local residents, and that there is no disorderly conduct within the Hall or when leaving it.
Indemnity:                              The hirer will indemnify the Hall Committee for the cost of repairing any damage to any part of the property or its equipment which occurs during the period of hire.
Third party claims:                 The hirer will be responsible for any third party claims made against him/her/them during the period of hire.
1.    By the hirer: if there is no replacement booking for the dates concerned, repayment of the deposit or any fees will be at the discretion of the Hall Committee.
2.    By the committee: the committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking by giving seven (7) days’ notice, in writing, to the hirer together with the refund of any fees or deposits paid.
3.    Acts of God: in the event of the Hall being rendered unfit for purpose through flood, storm or similar “force majeure”, the committee will refund all fees and deposits.

Hirer’s responsibilities: the hirer is required 
-       To be present throughout the period of hire,
-       To supervise the premises and contents,
-       To ensure non-obstructive use the car-park to allow free passage for emergency vehicles,
-       To prevent any activities or behaviours that render invalid the Hall’s insurance.
-       To read and apply the Hall’s policy on Safeguarding which incorporates the Safety of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults as set out in the “Blue Folder” Section 5 kept  in the foyer, (when appropriate).
-       To be aware of the Fire Regulations and evacuation procedures full details in section 4 in the “Blue Folder” See also notices by Fire Extinguishers.
-       To leave the premises and outside curtilage of the Hall in a clean and tidy condition, and return any Hall-owned items to their proper places,
-       To switch off all lights, close all doors – locking them where appropriate – and removing all rubbish generated during the period of hire,
-       To contact the Booking Secretary if these or any other conditions of hire are unclear.  The Secretary is Vanessa Lancaster Tel 07789 874402. Email
I have read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions:
Signature (responsible hirer)
Please return a completed and signed copy of the Agreement, together with your 2 cheques for the booking fee**, & damage deposit to: Vanessa Lancaster, 67 Wells Road Glastonbury BA6 9BY Tel: 07789 874402
;Cheques should be payable to Henton Village Hall.
KEYS: Once your booking is accepted, the code to retrieve the keys from the “keysafe” by the front door will be given to you. If you need to contact the Caretaker, she is Diana Wagstaffe, Furlong House first left over bridge in Ford Lane opposite the Hall.
Fees (1) Your fee has been calculated by assessing the period of hire, the type of event and domicile of the hirer (for example, whether from the village or parish, or further afield). The current schedule of fees is found at the end of this form.  We always quote, agree fees in advance, through our Booking Secretary, Vanessa Lancaster Tel:07789-874402. Email:
(2) We require a separate cheque for the damage deposit of £100 which will be refunded providing there is no loss or damage to premises or contents, and no complaints are received about excessive noise or other disturbance during the period of hire. The damage deposit will be returned within 7 working days of the keys being returned.  However, failure to meet any of the conditions of hire, above, may result in access being denied or loss of the deposit.
(3)  **If you wish to serve alcohol, we ask that you complete the additional application form and pay an additional bar licence fee of £25.
Fees:  The Hall can be hired throughout the year.
The standard rate is £18.00 per hour, with a minimum hire of 2 hours.
The parish rate is £14.50 per hour, with a minimum hire of 2 hours. Children’s parties, to age 10 (mornings, 9am to 1pm; afternoons, 2pm to 6pm): standard rate, £45.00; parish rate, £35.
                                                                                                                                    Hire Agreement   Jan 2019