Henton Badminton Club

When COVID 19 restriction lifted then come and join us every Thursday we are always looking for new members

11th Feb 2021 at 14:00   More Information

Pilates Class at Henton

Suspended while COVID 19 restrictions operate: if interested in Pilates contact Anne Tully 07824 665987

7th Jan 2021 at 17:00   More Information

Borrowing Library

usually from 10am for 4pm A huge selection of books are available to borrow for small donation in Foyer of Hall.

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Worth Harvest Home

Worth Harvest Home Supper and Abba's Angels Tribute Band

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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall Trust
Annual General Meeting
Minutes of AGM held in the Gibbs Room
at 7:00pm on Thursday 29th November 2018
Present Liz Little, (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary) Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Ian Chalk, Nancy Alcock, David Vincent, Diana Wagstaffe. Gerry Cox, Hope Mayne, David Browne.
Plus: Piers Dalby Nick Mayne and Mike Rowe
Action by:
1.    Apologies for absence. Chris Inge and Jenny Crossley. The Chairman welcomed everybody to the Annual General Meeting.
2.    The Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 30th November 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record of proceedings.
3.    Matters Arising: Mike Rowe (MR) Raised the matter of Disabled parking spaces; he was aware of 4 or 5 people who regularly attend meetings at the hall who would be looking to use a disabled parking space. DV said they were about to add a third next to the existing one by the ramp. This would also correct the confusing markings by making the original 3 spaces now just two Disabled places. MR also raised the point that there was not a signal resident of Wookey present. PG said the AGM had been advertised in Wookey but regrettably this aspect of a lack representation from Wookey had been a repeating fact over the years. Normally Brian Luker had attended and of course had been a former trustee; however even the Mill Stream Villages Association rarely managed to get anybody from Wookey.
4.    Chair’s Report The review of the year had been placed in the Report and accounts, but LL advised in brief that much progress had been achieved of updating and improving the fabric of the Hall.
The Gibbs room has been refurbished with new carpet, redecoration, and installation of LED lights with a dimmer and curtains repurposed from the old hall curtains; most of this was done by Trustees as volunteers which was a significant cost saving. Work had also been done on the Rose hall with the painting of the end walls, and new curtains.  During the year we employed a new cleaner and caretaker; and introduced key-safe system which has reduced the caretaker hours. A review of costs against fees charged had been made.  This had prompted adjusting rates and contracts for regular hirers to reflect actual usage, as well as ensuring rates are equitable across the board.  The drive to manage costs prompted the LED light work and this will be completed in the next financial year. MR remarked that while there should be a saving in electrical usage, we need to ensure that the electricity board, actually read the metre, as they had a habit of just sending bills with estimated readings. It was suggested we should have a SMART metre installed and this will be added to the Work Plan. This prompted a query of water bills and whether this metre was being read. The position of the water metre was something that none of the trustees could be sure of. LL said she would investigate this matter.
LL finished her report by thanking key people such as DV and IC for all the work they had done over the year which greatly reduced the bills we would have received if done by contractors, such as painting and assisting with the installation of LED lights in Gibbs Room. LL also thanked DB for his efforts to get the curtains finished and hung in the Rose Hall; and not to be forgotten was the methodical work of cleaning the new chairs by NA.
5.    Treasurers Report.
A copy of the Annual Report and accounts had been emailed to all Trustees as well as having been discussed at the last meeting. Additional copies were available for visitors. The Treasurer advised that Jane Daniels had done a complete check of the accounts. Some of the breakdown figures under Notes had been place in the wrong place by PG when setting this up for the final print of the report. However, the gross figures on the Balance Sheet page could be relied upon and this had been signed off by Jane Daniels.
Piers Dalby asked if the Secure Trust Monies had yet been paid. PR advised these were due on 23rd December as we were on a 90day notice account to ensure we had the better rates of interest. NM said it would be helpful if large items such as the £557.97 under Sundries had a better breakdown than just other for the bulk of this sum. This aspect was noted by PG who had produced these figures at the printing stage.  
6.    Election of Trustees
PG advised that at the AGM in accordance with the Trust Deed, all Trustees relinquished their posts at the end of the AGM, but could submit themselves for a further year; all Trustees were willing to continue including Gerry Cox who would take up if all agreed, the post of Treasurer as Pauline Rowe was to retire at this AGM
PG also advised while there is no particular reference to the election of Secretary and Treasurer in the Trust Deed, were those now assembled at the meeting agreeable that Peter Gatenby should be elected as Secretary and Gerry Cox as Treasurer. This was proposed by DV and seconded by NA and accepted by all.
In accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed all Trustees then signed a “Paper” of their willingness to serve. PG explained he had incorporated into this paper their permission to use there contact details to conform with GDPR and for the purposes of managing the hall and of course where relevant passing details to interested parties who wanted to join a given club.
7.    AOB LL said there was just one important matter under AOB and that was to propose a vote of thanks for all the work done by the retiring Treasurer Pauline Rowe and not forgetting the help of Mike Rowe who had often assisted. Grateful thanks were echoed by all present. PR said that Jane Daniels now wished to step down from being our Independent Examiner. PG would arrange for a letter to be sent to Jane thanking her for the work over recent years.
8.    Dates of meetings in 2019: Note Meetings will start at 19:15pm      Thursday 17th January, Thursday 4th April, Thursday 4th July, Thursday 24th October; The AGM to be on Thursday 28th November followed by Short Trustees Meeting.