Henton Badminton Club

When COVID 19 restriction lifted then come and join us every Thursday we are always looking for new members

11th Feb 2021 at 14:00   More Information

Pilates Class at Henton

Suspended while COVID 19 restrictions operate: if interested in Pilates contact Anne Tully 07824 665987

7th Jan 2021 at 17:00   More Information

Borrowing Library

usually from 10am for 4pm A huge selection of books are available to borrow for small donation in Foyer of Hall.

1st Jan 2021 at 10:00   More Information

Worth Harvest Home

Worth Harvest Home Supper and Abba's Angels Tribute Band

25th Jul 2020 at 19:00   More Information

- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall Trust
Annual General Meeting
Minutes of AGM held in the Gibbs Room
at 7:00pm on Thursday 30th November 2017
Present Piers Dalby (Chairman) Peter Gatenby (Secretary) Pauline Rowe (Treasurer) John Castree, Gerald Burridge, Ian Chalk, Nancy Alcock, Chris Inge, David Vincent, Diana Wagstaffe.
Plus Brian Luker Wookey.and Mike Rowe Bleadney
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence Hope Mayne and David Browne. The Chairman welcomed everybody to the Annual General meeting.
  1. The Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 24th November 2016 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record of proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising: Brian Luker (BL) while he was pleased to see there were over £12,000 on deposit acting as reserves emphasised the need of the Hall Committee to continue this policy of maintaining adequate reserves and increasing them if possible.
    Mike Rowe (MR) was concerned that there are still only 2 Disabled parking places with 4 and sometimes 5 people, to his knowledge, that would be looking for such a space, when attending events at the Hall. The markings were still confusing because you had half a space next to the disabled parking bay. (next to the ramp to the upper Car Park) The Chairman PD said they would look into this, improve the markings and discuss the need for a further parking spaces at the next Trustees meeting.
  1. Chairman’s Report
As the Chairman was stepping down at the end of the AGM he focused his remarks in the context of the Halls 18-year history. He acknowledged that we only had such an excellent hall because of the tenacious work of his predecessors. These were, John Rose who acted as Chairman from 1995 in the fund raising and building phase as well as the first 7 years of the Hall’s use. Then working as Secretary was Sally Rowe who showed her skills by demonstrating her ability to obtain the various grants and funds from various organisations including the Lottery fund and finally Peter Hardy who being a trained Accountant was able to ensure the finances were properly managed. Since then of course we had a further hard-working Chairman Barry Peel. However, after 6 years he was pleased to be handing over the reins to Liz Little subject to her election at the next Trustees meeting. 
The Chairman then referred to the Annual report and Accounts outlining the increasing use of the Hall by the various Clubs and Societies with the addition this year of the Pilates Classes. He was also pleased to note the finances were in good shape with an increase in booking fees. Over the year we had therefore been able continue our policy of gradual refurbishment and improvements. We had been able to assist Wookey Parish Council who were always being asked to find work for those who had been given a period of “Community Service” by utilising the services of The Community Rehabilitation Company. The work we passed over was to paint the outside of the Hall as well as some walls in the Main Rose Hall. In the main they had done a competent job. However, regrettably the use of this Company had to be discontinued due to a forceful complaint from a local resident. Never the less we had continued the repainting work by using Gayle Harris who had repainted the Men’ Toilet, as well as doing an excellent job on the railings on the slope down to the Car Park. Further refurbishment included new floors in the Men’s and Disabled Toilets and many defective window glazing units replaced in the Rose Hall and Men’s and Disabled Toilets. PD also acknowledged the ‘Book Exchange Service’ started by Liz Little was working well with regular donations being received from those borrowing books. {CI advised that the alternative of using the Telephone Box in Henton was still waiting on BT before they could proceed to consider the matter further} PD finished by thanking the work of our Caretaker and Booking Secretary and would be arranging for small Christmas gifts to acknowledge their vital work.
  1. Treasurers Report.
A copy of the Annual Report and accounts had been emailed to all Trustees as well as having been discussed at the last meeting. Additional copies were available for visitors. The Treasurer advised that Jane Daniels had done a complete check of the accounts and had signed off one copy. PR advised that overall, we have managed to carry out the work on the new floors as well as the painting work and general up keep etc., while keeping the account with a positive balance. We still held £1,500 in a deposit account as well as nearly £12,000 in the Secure Fund which continued to attract modest interest bearing in mind the very low interest rates generally available. BL queried why the £1,500 had not been placed in the Secure Fund. PG explained that this was purely a question of the fund being closed to further deposits. Secure Fund had taken this decision presumably on the basis that with 10 years of falling interest rates they could only undertake to maintain the above average rates on existing deposits and had therefore put a moratorium on further deposits to protect their position. The inability to place further funds was not for want of trying by the Treasurer and was not in any way related to the accounting methodology The Hall used.
  1. Election of Trustees
PG advised that at the AGM in accordance with the Trust Deed, all Trustees relinquished their posts at the end of the AGM, but could submit themselves for a further year; all Trustees were willing to continue except of course Piers Dalby, who while stepping down from being Chairman was also vacating his place as Trustee. PG also advised while there is no particular reference to the election of Secretary and Treasurer in the Trust Deed, were those now assembled at the meeting agreeable that Peter Gatenby should be elected as Secretary and Pauline Rowe as Treasurer. This was proposed by BL and seconded by NA and accepted by all. The Chairman, Piers Dalby then proposed that all the remaining trustees are elected, and this was seconded by PG and the motion carried.
In accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed all Trustees then signed a “Paper” of their willingness to serve.
John Castree then proposed a vote of thanks for all the work done by the retiring Chairman Piers Dalby and thanks were echoed by all present.
  1. AOB
There were none.