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- Henton Village Hall -

`Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Special Trustees Meeting 13th September 2018
held in Gibbs Room at 7:30pm
Present Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Ian Chalk, Chris Inge, David Vincent, and Gerry Cox
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence. Had been received from Hope Mayne, Nancy Alcock, David Browne and Diana Wagstaffe  
  1. Purpose of Special Meeting: To discuss the proposal of installing Photovoltaic cells on the Hall Roof and installing an Air Source Heat Pump
NOTES: Those named above who were not able to attend this meeting had the matters recited below explained to them and all were happy the Trustees proceed. It should also be noted that the question of whether there was any conflict of interest in some of the Trustees also being Directors of Henton Hall Limited (hereafter referred to as Green Henton) had been referred to the Charity Commission. They advised as the company was set up as a Community Benefit Society they had no objections.
  1. Presentation by “Green Henton”
Liz Little then went through the process and stages of installing Photovoltaic Cells (PV panels) and an Air Source Heat Pump (AHSP) A sub committee had been set up earlier in the year to consider how Henton Village Hall (HVH)  could play their part in converting where feasible to carbon free sustainable energy sources and thereby contribute to the UK and Worldwide need to reduce CO2 emissions and help the drive to reverse global warming. The Governments present incentives are likely to be reduced or even wound down completely in the coming months and therefore it was imperative that action was taken swiftly to ensure Green Henton and through them the Village Hall received such incentives as the (Feed in Tariff payments (FIT’s) The current boiler even if replaced with a condensing boiler would not qualify as it would be using Oil.
The matter had been discussed with the Village Halls Custodian Trustee being Wookey Parish Council (WPC) and initially their solicitors were recommending a 3 way lease between them WPC, Green Henton and the Hall. This was likely to cost £5.500 in legal costs alone. It was therefore decided that Henton Village Hall would purchase the PV panels to avoid this complex arrangement. The cost of the PV panels would be in the order of £12,100 including installation costs.
The presentation continued with Gerry Cox advising the capital costs of not only the PV Panels and ASHP but also Batteries which would enable us to store energy during the day to allow even evening meetings heating and lighting cost to be covered. The figures showed although the total overall Capital Cost may be in the order of £25,000 plus the £12,100 contribution by the village hall as the years went by and we were able to purchase additional batteries the Hall’s energy needs would be completely covered saving us the normal electricity and oil expenses and in due time interest could be paid to the Shareholders who had bought shares in Green Henton and also their Capital repaid. In the unlikely death of a Shareholder then Green Henton would refund the share capital to the deceased’s Estate.
A discussion then took place as to whether HVH current finances could cover the initial cost of £12,100. PH advised the balance in the current account at the moment, was a little over £7,000, but there was of course £1,500 held in a deposit account earning almost no interest. The trustees agreed that this could be withdrawn immediately. There was also of course over £12,000 in the Secure Trust, but PH warned the Trustees that Secure Trust were so difficult to deal with it may take some months to withdraw this money. The interest on this money was worthwhile being over 2% but the savings gained from spending this money on PV panels would more thant match the loss of such interest. LL advised that in the interim Green Henton could gift any shortfall HVH could not cover. GC finished his presentation by advising that with the money at present held by Green Henton or promised they were confident the £25,000 needed could be raised very quickly.
CI asked about how the Hall’s Insurers would view the matter and PG advised he had sent an initial briefing document to the Insurers to ensure they could see what we proposed; their reply was as here quoted “Zurich underwriting have confirmed that there are no conditions or stipulations of the policy that need to be adhered to. The only changed would be an additional premium to cover the Equipment.”
**CI also asked for confirmation that WPC would be indemnified against any problems or unexpected costs resulting from the Hall Trustees installing the PV panels. LL gave the Trustees assurance that they would reimburse WPC in the event such costs arose. **
  1. Grants: The question was raised as to whether there were any grants we could apply for. DV advised that grant funding rendered renewable systems ineligible for Government incentive monies. HVH could, of course, apply for Grants for other improvements such as the LED lights for the Rose Hall.   
  1. Future Actions The consensus of the meeting was that Trustees were happy for matters to proceed. The Briefing papers plus these minutes would now be sent to WPC so they could review the matter at there next meeting in a few days’ time. 
  1. AOB GB while giving his support to the proposals was concerned that the Trustees had not be kept informed of the actions of the subcommittee and also felt there should be more regular meetings so as matter developed they could be kept informed. LL advised the matter of meetings and ensuring Trustees were “kept in the loop” would be an agenda item at the next meeting in October.
  1. Open Meeting. A meeting to advise the whole community of Henton (and Wookey) would take place at 6:30pm on 14th October 2018
Dates of next Meetings for 2018: Thursday 25th October: The AGM to be on Thursday 29th November followed by Short Trustees meeting.