Henton Badminton Club

When COVID 19 restriction lifted then come and join us every Thursday we are always looking for new members

11th Feb 2021 at 14:00   More Information

Pilates Class at Henton

Suspended while COVID 19 restrictions operate: if interested in Pilates contact Anne Tully 07824 665987

7th Jan 2021 at 17:00   More Information

Borrowing Library

usually from 10am for 4pm A huge selection of books are available to borrow for small donation in Foyer of Hall.

1st Jan 2021 at 10:00   More Information

Worth Harvest Home

Worth Harvest Home Supper and Abba's Angels Tribute Band

25th Jul 2020 at 19:00   More Information

- Henton Village Hall -




The Managing Trustees present their Report for the year ended 31st August 2018 which should be read in conjunction with the attached Financial Statements for the same period.

Legal Status and History

The Charity was established by Trust Deed dated 23rd October 1995 whereby the Wookey Parish Council declared the trusts on which it held the leasehold of the land now occupied by the Village Hall and car park. The Charity Commission Number is 1050967.
The premises are therefore owned by the Henton Hall Trust, which is a charity registered with the Charity Commissioners. This trust is managed by Trustees who may be elected or are appointed by regular user groups. In the event of any default on behalf of the Trustees the Parish Council would provide interim management.
The building, equipment and freeholds were funded by the Henton Village Hall Building Fund which was established by Preliminary Declaration of Trust dated 5th July 1995, the sole purpose being to build the new Village Hall and provide all necessary facilities. The Hall was opened in July 1999 and the freeholds of both Isaac’s Field and the land on which the Hall is built were purchased on 1st June 2001 for the sum of £16,000.
Since the hall was opened in 1999 the Henton Hall Trust has managed the day to day running of the hall and the Trustees are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. There are normally 4 Trustee meetings a year plus an Annual General Meeting in November.  The following paragraphs outline the review of the previous year:
Review of the year ending 31st August 2018
There were 15 regular bookings, Headway (2), Short Mat Bowls, Women’s Institute, Gardening Club, Badminton (2), Table Tennis, Japanese Embroidery, National Trust, Sunday Breakfast, Thai Chi, Pilates (2) and Wookey Parish Council, plus about 50 single bookings.
The only regular free time during weekdays is on Mondays, morning and afternoon. and Wednesday morning. Some Wednesday and Friday evenings, and most Saturdays and Sundays are available for single bookings. However, the Hall is used by The Church for their Sunday Breakfast fellowship service on first Sunday of the month (formerly third Sunday) Further information regarding available dates and times can be obtained from the Bookings Secretary Vanessa Lancaster.
The Chair’s review of year ending 31st August 2018
During the year the Trustees have continued their policy, as the Trust Deed requires, of maintaining the hall in good condition.  The Gibbs room has been refurbished with new carpet, redecoration, installation of LED lights with a dimmer and curtains repurposed from the old hall curtains; most of this was done by Trustees as volunteers which was a significant cost saving and has updated the Gibbs room into a pleasant light room.  After much consideration and painting of the end walls, new curtains have improved the main hall.  During the year we employed a new cleaner and caretaker; a key-safe system has reduced the caretaker hours.
Administrative developments include a work plan system to prioritize and plan improvements. We have completed an exercise to identify hourly use running costs and how hiring fees rates relate to these.  This has prompted adjusting rates and contracts for regular hirers to reflect actual usage, ensure rates are equitable across the board and ensure running costs are covered.  The drive to manage costs prompted the LED light work and this will be completed in the next financial year.
The Trustees have also started to explore installing renewable energy technologies of Photovoltaic Cells on the roof complimented with an Air Source Heat Pump and this work will continue next financial year.
Financial activities
The attached financial statements show the state of the finances as at 31st August 2018, which the Trustees consider satisfactory.
Our Bankers are Lloyds in Wells.
The building is currently insured through Community First and underwritten with Zurich for the sum of £498,279. Further Contents cover of £32,445* is provided to cover Kitchen equipment tables and chairs and Village Tapestry etc. In addition, we now have All Risks insurance for the Grand Piano for a sum insurer of £8,657. * Note this contents SI includes £10,000 for Short Mat Bowls equipment and from October 2018 is increased by a further £14,000 to cover the Photovoltaic cells and allied equipment on the roof. 
Responsibility for the Financial Statements
The Trustees are responsible for the preparation of the financial statements and for keeping proper accounting records which disclose the financial position of the Charity. The Trustees have elected to prepare financial statements on the Income and Expenditure basis.
Managing Committee Membership during the year 2017 / 2018

    Liz Little                 Chair         Elected

 Peter Gatenby         Secretary   Elected
 Pauline Rowe          Treasurer   Elected

 Ian Chalk                               Elected
    David Browne                          Elected
    David Vincent                          Elected (But also represents Pilates)

 Nancy Alcock                               Women’s Institute
 John Castree                           Short Mat Bowls Resigned 23/03/2018
 Gerald Burridge                       Badminton
 Chris Inge                              Wookey Parish Council
 Diana Wagstaffe                      Gardening Club
     Hope Mayne                           Tai Chi
     Gerald Cox                             Co-opted from 13 September 2018
These accounts have been prepared with due diligence and reflect the true position for the year as at 31st August.2018 No value is included in respect of sums that are spent, but which may provide benefits during the next financial year as has been the case in previous years accounts.
Approved by the Trustees     29th November 2018
Peter Gatenby                                     C/o Dove Cottage, Henton
Secretary                                           Wells  BA5 1PD


        GENERAL PUPOSE FUND        
         Notes   2018   2017
Income Hiring Fees   6     15,768.47       13,001.83
  Refundable Deposits                 200.00
  Retained from Deposit               0.00
  Licence Fees         125.00       150.00
  Donations     60.00       82.00
  Insurance claim                 0.00
  Interest received on current Account     0.75       0.73
  Expenses refund                 0.00
  Withdrawal from Deposit Account   0.00         0.00
  Sundries                   20.00
Total Receipts           15,954.22       13,454.56
Direct Charitable Expenditure                
  Electricity         1,419.31     1,255.89    
  Oil         999.32     926.90    
  Rates         149.04     135.28    
  Water         226.47     548.89    
  Boiler Service       252.68     239.24    
  Insurance         1,142.49     1,073.40    
  Post, stationery etc.   4   13.44     17.85    
  Bookings Secretary       1,366.00     1,305.99    
  Caretaker & cleaning       1,940.48     1,996.80    
  HMRC          275.60     499.20    
  Windows & cleaning materials 2   382.57     286.36    
  Repairs & renewals   1   7,501.79     2,479.27    
  Licences & certificates 5   180.00     485.55    
  Ground Maintenance   3   490.40     529.10    
  Membership CCS     100.00     40.00    
  Returnable Deposits       400.00     272.00    
  Sundries (Accounts Certification) 7   557.97     294.35    
  Unpresented Cheque F Y 2015/6     0.00     270.40    
              17,397.56       12,656.47
Excess of Income over Expenditure       -1,443.34       798.09
  Interest on Secure Fund       149.12       194.12
  Transfer to Reserve for future repairs     0.00       0.00
Transfer to Accumulated Fund       -1,294.22       992.21
                BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31st AUGUST    2018     2017    
Cash at bank and in hand  - current account   7,072.90     8,416.24    
       - deposit account   1,500.00 8,572.90   1,500.00   9,916.24
Secure Trust bank           12,118.40       11,969.28
Sundry debtor           0.00       0.00
Payments in advance         0.00       0.00
              20,691.30       21,885.52
Less  Uncleared cheques at August 2018     100.00       0.00
              20,591.30       21,885.52
Represented by:-                    
  Accumulated fund at 1st September 2017     20,385.52       19,393.31
  Transfer from Income & Expenditure Account   -1,294.22       992.21
              19,091.30       20,385.52
  Reserve for future repairs        1,500.00       1,500.00
              20,591.30       21,885.52