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Pilates Class at Henton

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Wessex Daffodil Society Annual Show

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Borrowing Library

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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 17th January 2019
held in Gibbs Room at 7:15pm
Present: Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Gerry Cox (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Nancy Alcock, David Browne, Diana Wagstaffe and Hope Mayne.
Action by:
1.   Apologies for absence. Chris Inge. David Vincent, Ian Chalk.
2.   Approval of Minutes of 29th November 2018 The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of proceedings.
3.   Declaration of Other Interests
Now that there is a close connection between Henton Hall Limited (Green Henton) and The Henton Village Hall Trust it is appropriate for Trustees who may hold offices in both to declare the matter. It was thus noted that Liz Little and Gerry Cox are Directors of Henton Hall Limited however, it was not considered that there would be a conflict of interest in relation to the matters being discussed at the meeting. .
4.   Matters Arising from Minutes of 29th November 2018
GB pointed out that the Thermostat had not been moved to the wall by the Servery (per previous minutes) but just lowered so easier to read.
PG said he had done an initial look at putting a calendar on the website but had been spoilt for choice and would need to investigate further to ensure what was eventually added was suitable for our needs. PG will investigate further.
LL advised that we are now one of the “causes” being sponsors by Tescos and we should in due course after the end of February get a donation in the order of £1,000. The whole matter of improving the look of the entrance and having a ramp to overcoming the problem for wheelchairs exiting from the rear fire door will be dealt with then. This will include the placing of “planters” which can act as boundaries to the ramp to stop any wheelchair falling off the side of the ramp.
The small portion of rendering that has come away from above the window to the Rowe room will be dealt with by Ian Chalk, shortly.
The refurbishment of the small tables in the Gibbs room was in hand.
LL had thought we had a spare loo seat for the Ladies, but it turned out it lacked one fitting and will therefore be buying an appropriate replacement for the broken one.
Regarding the Shed for Fete Equipment and Blue/Black plastic chairs, etc.; plans drawn up by John Alcock had been circulated and all agreed were fine. There will be a need for a “substantial” locking device, and it may be worth having a notice that “No valuables are stored in this shed”, to deter any would be thief.
Regarding the Defibrillator, at a recent Board meeting Green Henton decided it was outside their remit. However, GC was able to report that he had spoken to the proprietor of the Ring of Bells pub in Wookey and he was still keen to provide two Defibrillators one for Wookey and one for Henton and he would be holding a specific event to raise funds for these in the near future.
The Chair had received a lengthy email from Mike Rowe about how he was disappointed with the new markings for the extra Disabled space.
The trustees were concerned that we should be sympathetic to the needs of disabled visitors to the Hall. To this end some investigation and examination was made of what was needed officially and what was provided at other halls in the area. The general rule is we need 1 disabled space for every 50 parking spaces. The first disabled parking space marked by the entry slope/stairs was marked up from the day the Hall was opened in 1999.
The Trustees considered the various points highlighted by Mike Rowe about disabled parking spaces. In terms of the general rule the Hall is complying with the requirements for the number of disabled parking spaces, given the overall number of spaces in the car park. The Trustees further considered the second parking space effectively has space to open the door, as it is adjacent to the ramp slope. Photographs of similar arrangements such as Draycott Hall showed no hatched area beside their single disabled space.  The trustees have decided to wait on configuring the layout of the parking spaces until the car park requires resurfacing in the future. It was agreed that in practice it would be acceptable for a disabled visitor to straddle the adjoining disabled bays if required for getting in or out. It was also noted that it was rare to have even one disabled visitor, so the paired disabled bays should normally give adequate opening space.
Regarding the PA system a meeting has been arranged for 23rd January @ 11:30am to investigate whether there is an actual issue with the equipment we have and to see if different microphones such as a head-set would resolve some of the issues with the variability of sound especially when the mobile microphone is used.
5.   Treasurers Report
GC reported he had now received all the books and paperwork from Pauline who had volunteered to pay wages etc. if needed, until GC was able to carry out online banking. GC had chased up this aspect with Lloyds and found they had lost the paperwork so had to send a duplicate set of papers. Since then had made little progress from recent frustrating telephone calls. He was thus for the time being writing cheques.
DW advised that Peter Wagstaffe had volunteered to be our independent examiner for the end of the year accounts.
GC was able to report that at the end of December we had £17,577 in the current account. This took account of the £1,500 from the deposit account and the £12,190 from the Secure Fund. Since then there had been expenditure in the region of £8,000 to £9,000.
GC said he had also considered the matter of having actual employees and having to deal with HMRC and account for Tax and if applicable National Insurance. He felt it was better that both, the cleaner Ursula Casey and Booking Secretary, Vanessa Lancaster should have a “Contract for Services” but this should be on a self- employed basis, so they account for any tax they need to pay.
LL then advised the sad news that Jo Waterman had died and thus the post of Caretaker was left open. However, after some discussion it was agreed that now we had Key safes the work of the Caretaker had reduced considerably indeed Jo had advised that she felt she needed to be paid for only 1 hour a week rather than 1.5. Much of her time had been checking there were sufficient paper towels, loo rolls and cleaning materials. This aspect of her job could be easily passed to the Cleaner.  PG will give GC copies of Contracts of Cleaner and Booking Secretary. GC advised at the moment, he was hopeful he could manage the accounts on a spreadsheet but is this proved not possible would then consider an accounting package.
6.   Latest Work Plan.  The latest work plan dated 30 November 2018 now just showed work to be done and did away with completed work. It was agreed we should add “Calendar on website” to ensure this was not lost sight of.
7.   Henton Hall Hiring Policy and Guidelines (Additional agenda item)
LL had not sent her draft round to all trustees so read through the various points.
  1 ) The Lowest Hiring Charge should be more than current hourly running cost of Hall.
  2) The (Wookey) parish rate to be 75% of non-parish rate. (At £14.50 parish rate and £18 for non-parish this needs to be altered to 80%)
  3) Regular Users are hirers booking either weekly or monthly for a regular slot paying in advance. Regular users pay 50% of appropriate hire charge.
There was some discussion on this point in that a definitive definition is needed to determine what was a “Regular User” so the booking Secretary knew what to charge as well as the Treasurer knowing what to expect in Fees. Most regulars now pay £7.25 although, in particular more recent groups such as Pilates and the new “Chinese Exercises” pay £10 per hour.
  4) Regular users booking a single event unrelated to their normal activity will be changed 50% of appropriate hiring rate.
  5) Gibbs Room rate has historically been the same as the Hall to discourage using the Hall Simultaneously.  Do we wish to continue this or do we envisage it being feasible to have two hirers at same time?
There was some discussion on this point. It was rare for there to be two hirers wanting the hall at the same time where one would be happy with just the Gibbs room. The only occasion this happens at the moment is when Wookey Parish Council meet when Gardening club are having a meeting. We still change both groups the Regular user rates. WPC do not normally use the Kitchen and can, if necessary, use the loo between the Gibbs room and kitchen. It was decided as this is such a rare event, we would consider the matter as and when it occurred.
There were several other points in the draft in particular what events should be free particularly in relation to the Church. LL advised she had found papers indicating they had 4 events that were free to them, The Fete, The Harvest Supper, The Pre-Christmas Coffee Morning and the Annual Benefice meeting. Further points will be looked at in due course when time permits and after GC has had discussion with Booking Secretary re what is a Regular user.
8.   Do we need extra meetings?  As we now had the Works plan and could provide necessary updates by email the existing meeting schedule was considered sufficient.
9.   AOB
LL advised she had located the water-meter under a slab near the noticeboard by the road.
LL also advised that although she had rung our electricity suppliers and asked for a SMART metre apparently it was not until very recently government policy insisted suppliers provide a meter free of charge, but they would be now launching such a program of updating meters at the end of the year.
DB it would be useful to have an up to date of regular users so he could be sure that all Regular users were conforming to the Fire Safety procedures; He will contact Vanessa for a list.
GB said under the current Jobs List himself and Chris Inge were responsible for ensuring all window sills and frames were clean. In practice neither himself and especially CI were able to mount ladders or steps and thus need to pass this job on. Trustees felt in practice this was something the window cleaner could and may in practice do. GB felt there were a number of jobs listed that needed to be reallocated such as ordering Oil. This will be an agenda Item at next meeting in April.
GB said he had carefully monitored the ability of warming up the hall if just the Air Heat Source Pump (ASHP) was used. He had recorded the very slow rise in temperature on two different occasions. LL said this was very helpful information and should be passed back to DV so he could see whether the equipment needed to be reset to overcome this bearing in mind the recent very cool temperatures. GB was particularly concerned since at the moment we could boost the heating with the Oil-fired boiler, but if this was to go, we would be reliant on the AHSP. LL also advised that once TrueSpeed set up the internet line we could consider having the ability to turn the heating on remotely say half and hour before arrival so a Group would arrive to a warm hall. This is something Vanessa may be able to organise particularly for single hirings unfamiliar with the system.
PG advised he had given a set of keys (Front Door, Store Room and Microphone cupboard) to a new regular user namely Mark Pogson who had taken up a slot on Monday morning of 10:00am till 12:00noon.
LL advised that consideration should be given to increasing the pay of both Ursula and Vanessa if they take on the extra work of ordering cleaning materials and monitoring heating respectively; GC agreed with this increase in due course.
DW had noted the Disable Loo light was often left on. It was agreed an expanded notice on the door on leaving should include a note to check this point.   
The next meeting will be on Thursday 4th April as the Secretary is away on 11th in Eastbourne.
Dates of next Meeting Thursday 4th April 2019 Thursday 4th July, Thursday 24th October. The AGM will be on Thursday 28th November 2019 followed by a SHORT Trustees meeting.