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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 19th October 2017
held in Gibbs Room at 7:00pm
Present Piers Dalby (Chairman) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, David Browne, Angela Marsh (for Gardening Club), Hope Mayne, David Vincent, (Liz Little as observer and to introduce herself to the other Trustees)
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence.  Chris Inge, John Castree, Ian Chalk, Nancy Alcock
  1. The Minutes of meeting of 6th July 2017. Were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record of proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising GB raised the fact that the minutes of the last meeting suggest that the Hall committee would await the outcome of the Wookey Parish Council application to use the Telephone Kiosk. However, the Book club had started and shelves for the books already placed in the entrance hall. PD advised that perhaps he had misunderstood the position, but after talking with Liz Little had agreed the Yarbleton Book club could commence. Liz being present was able to advise that the use and exchange of books was gradually increasing, and this was demonstrated by the fact that it had already raised £50.
HM advised that although the ladies toilet may be next in line to be painted felt it would be better to give it a thorough clean, and before any repainting took place an “update” was needed, such as tiling.
PD said that while some of the double-glazing panels in the Rose Hall had been replaced there were panels in the Gents toilet and Disabled toilet that also needed replacing in due course.
HM raised the matter of the Gibbs Room floor and advised that putting a laminated sudo-wood floor would be expensive and had investigated the cost up new carpet tiles. She advised that Poly-promide tiles, although more expensive would not fade in sunlight and could be washed and would not stain. The overall cost was about £1700 including VAT. HM felt we should have a “plan of works” indicating the budget and rough time table so we could better organise the continuing improvements to the hall. This can then include curtains as well as the new floor in the Gibbs room and would ensure we had such things as appropriate colour that would go with the new curtains even if the obtaining of new curtains were delayed.
MH produced a samples board of the various carpet tiles giving the range of colours.
  1. Treasures Report The Report and Accounts had been circulated to Trustees prior to the meeting. PR advised that hiring fees had risen for the year by over £1,000 and again we had paid for the improvements made during the year out of income. The position was strengthened by the fact that there were already many bookings made for the rest of 2017 and even into 2018, indeed the Wessex Daffodil Society had already made their booking for next April.  The question was raised if we had sufficient funds to say replace the boiler (being 17 years old) PR advised there was £1,500 in the deposit account as well as nearly £12,000 in the Secure Trust fund. We did have a service contract running for the boiler, so hopefully we would get some warning that it was nearing the end of its useful life. DB raised the matter of the Hall curtains and thus whether there were sufficient funds to go ahead. It had been nearly a year since he had had the quotation and obviously prices may have risen and indeed were likely to rise if we let the matter drift. The quote he had gave the cost as about £1,718. This included the cost of the fabric, making them and new tracks, but not fitting them. PD felt this may be a matter the new chairman may have a view on. The matter of having a budgeted plan of works was thus again highlighted. PR felt the present state of the accounts meant that within reason, there were sufficient funds for work to proceed.
PR continued with the review of the years accounts pointing out there was a figure missing in the 2016 column with the need to add in the “Transfer to Accumulated Fund” of £331.49 to ensure the Balance Sheet figures agreed. (PG will correct) The 2017 figures however, were correct with total funds at £21,885.52. PR advised that although the cost of electricity was of concern a new contract had been signed with SSE as they turned out to be the cheapest. The question of online payments was raised by DV. PR advised where possible she now paid all bills online and was happy for Pilates to pay their fees this way, The Hall account details will be advised.
PD expressed thanks to the Treasurer for her work over producing the accounts and throughout the year.
  1. Community Council for Somerset Annual Training day + AGM PG advise that He, Liz Little and Pauline Rowe had attended this event. He briefly outlined who CCS were, being The Community for Council for Somerset, a charitable body set up to be a source of advice for all village halls and gave regular updates on such matters as Charity legislation or other matters that may affect village Halls such as new Data Protection law. 
The morning session lasting over 2.5 hours had been devoted to “Managing Community Buildings” and examined the duties of Trustees. It was pointed out that although you may have a Treasurer all Trustees were jointly responsible for the Finances as well as the general upkeep of the building. PG advised that CCS were the body that gave us our Hallmark 1 & 2 certification. Indeed, it had been their visitation to review our procedures that had led to the production of the “Trustees” pack giving copies of relevant documents and importantly the Deed setting up the Trust. This is the key document which all trustees should be referring to, to ensure we were acting appropriately. During this morning session, it was pointed out that it was important to get the right trustees, who were all volunteers and thus a mix of skills would ensure proper management. Also, it was advisable from time to time to have people step down to get people with fresh ideas. Robert, the lecturer cited a hall he visited where the chairman reported he had served there for 48 years! “Looking around the Hall it was very evident it needed a fresh approach!”
The afternoon session was set aside for several short presentations from people working in different community projects that CCS were sponsoring. They had been the prime movers in establishing the network of Village Agents and a brief report of their very varied work was given. Another project had been set up to get acceptance and more involvement in community matters from ethnic minority groups. For example; there were many Polish living in Bridgewater, but also other European countries such as Czech Republic were represented in Somerset and there were also people from Bangladesh and India. A further short report was given on “Somerset Carers Service” about the advice and support available.
While this session had been of some interest, it was more on the basis that it was nice to know these services were there in the background when needed, rather than needing them now in relation to our Hall.
  1. AOB GB passed over a paper confirming the Badminton Club had carried out a fire drill to PD for logging (in the absence of JC) DV wondered whether it was worth ‘renting out’ the Hall roof for voltaic cells to provide electricity and provide an additional income stream. A battery storage system may mean in the summer we would greatly reduce out consumption from the National Grid (Via our supplier SSE) This will something the Trustees can give thought to.
HM said the small tables in the Gibbs room were looking a bit shabby and at least needed new laminate tops as the present ones were chipped and frayed. This should be another item in a planned programme of works.
PD advise the Trustees that Martin Hocking would be doing a full check of plugs etc. when Headway were here and thus being able to include their equipment they had in the Rowe room.
The Meeting closed with a reminder that the next meeting was the AGM on November 30th this will be followed by a short Trustees meeting where a new Chair person would be appointed.
Dates of next Meetings for 2017: The AGM and short Trustees meeting will be on Thursday 30th November.