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Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 23rd March 2017
held in Gibbs Room at 7:00pm
Present Piers Dalby (Chairman) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Nancy Alcock, Gerald Burridge David Browne, Alison Browne (For Gardening Club), John Castree, Hope Mayne, Chris Inge, Ian Chalk
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence.  Diana Wagstaffe David Vincent
  1. The Minutes of meeting of 24th November 2016. Were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record of proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising In DV’s absence PD reported that there had been 6 Pilates sessions and as the numbers attending were reasonable 7 to 9 each week a further 6 had been booked.    CI admitted he had not yet prepared a notice re use of electricity and using minimum lighting He did feel perhaps better labelling of the switches may be needed. Regarding the issue with the using The Community Rehabilitation Company PD was reluctantly putting a stop to their use for the future as he was not wanting to be accused of inappropriate action yet again by a nearby resident. The general feeling of the committee was that we should not give way. PD advised that the person in overall charge Joy Ellery had rung the gentleman concerned, who immediately questioned how she had got his telephone number! Never the less, she continued to advise it was her idea to ring him, but she made little headway in persuading the complainant that the Community scheme worked well and that courts relied on the willingness or local businesses etc., giving them work, so that those subject to a sentence of doing community work could serve their time and thereby recompense society for their previous failings. None of this had any effect on the complainant who immediately rang PD to complain that we had given his telephone number out. {Trustees may like to note a google search provides his full name, address plus month and year of birth and all the companies he has been, or is a Director of. This also applies to his wife and even financial details of his business affairs are available; without breaching any data protection, or other legislation, since this is all in the public domain from various sources including Companies House}.
  1. Treasures Report PR said we were in a reasonable state financially with about £12,500 in the current account as well as £11,500 in the Secure Trust deposit account. She was concerned with the possibility of a large Electricity bill, as it was an effort to get the Electricity company to read the meter and was therefore always sending the latest reading off to them, to avoid this. In the meantime, an Organisation had approached her offering to find a cheaper supplier called Utility Warehouse. It was agreed that PR could go head and see what they come up with.
  1. AOB.
GB was confused by the bill he had had from Vanessa Lancaster he was sure his calculation was correct, but awaited confirmation from VL that the cheque sent was enough and that an extra £7.50 she quoted was in fact not required. (VL has since agreed with GB’s calculations)
PR advised she had an unusual booking in that it was for next January 2018 and that the customer first sent a cheque which included the £100 deposit and then separate cheques dated ‘now’. As the event would be more than six months in the future, if we had to encash it for damages, it would bounce being out of date. It was agreed in the circumstances she could just accept just £50 to confirm the 3 days booking and deal with the full cost etc., nearer the time.
PD said he had several items that needed attention, if we were to keep the Hall in good order. The Disabled Loo needed the floor done and it was agreed to go ahead with the same company that had done the Kitchen floor.
PD said that the painting of the railings at the front of the hall needed to be completed. It was agreed to approach Gail Harris of “Brush Strokes” for a quote for the job.
One LED light had now been fitted in the hall. They were quite expensive, but we are advised that the cost of running them is about 40% of a standard fluorescent light. As a start, the two lights that come on when you enter which are switched on in the foyer would be done first. PD to advise Martin Hocking.
It was noted that the double-glazed panes in the rear window in the Rose Hall needed to be replaced. PD will seek a quote from Mendip Windowcare.
Some radiators did not seem to work. IC will investigate and bleed as necessary.
NA said she had been advised that it was not a good idea to be carrying hot kettles of boiling water across the kitchen to the servery. She had been advised that special insulated flasks should be used. It was pointed out we have some which are used at Sunday Breakfast and these could be made available.
The current curtains in the Rose Hall needed replacing. The cost however, would be in the order of £2,000 at the same time a better hanging and drawing system should be adopted. It was agreed NA would go back to the person who gave us a quote previously for advice on the matter.
PG advised trustees that following on from questions asked by the Charities Commission when filling in the annual report he had done a risk assessment including a Fire Safety audit. A complaints procedure had also been drafted.
He also advised that old documents including minutes etc., were now lodged at Taunton at the Heritage Centre rather than gathering dust in his office (shed).
CI had raised a query from Wookey Parish Council on the difficulty in getting to the Notice Board by the road and steps up to the main events notice board; PG had now cleared a section of the Cineraria so you can access the notice board much easier He had also reset the steps up to events board.
Dates of next Meetings for 2017: Thursday 6th July, Thursday 26th October : The AGM and short Trustees meeting Thursday 30th November.