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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 25th January 2018
held in Gibbs Room at 7:00pm
Present Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Dian Wagstaffe, John Castree, Ian Chalk, Chris Inge, Hope Mayne, David Browne
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence.  David Vincent
  1. Minutes of meeting of 30th November 2017
Were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising. David Browne advised that their small sub-committee of himself plus HM, NA and Alison Browne had looked at three quotations for the replacement of curtains in the Rose Hall They had obtain quotes from Stephens Harris, Dimity Button and Hemstitch of Shepton Mallet the latter’s quote coming out at £2,661.60 in total including VAT. Importantly DB pointed out the Hemstitch quote dealt with the ‘whole job’ that is making the curtains, Fireproofing and fitting, which would include cleaning and resetting the rails and system to open and close. Samples of material where shown to trustees and it was agreed to use the red with flecks of yellow which complimented the fabric on the new chairs. Thanks for the sub committees work was recorded. NA advised out of politeness she would ensure the other parties giving quotes were told they would not be needed.
CI suggested the end walls of the Rose Hall be painted in the near future as this would then pre-empt the possibility of having to take down the new curtains after being put up; this suggestion was agreed. 
The situation regarding updating the toilets was discussed PG advised that as well as dealing with the fitting of an improved system for flushing the Men’s urinals, two other matters had been reported to Julian Rodda; being a leak under the sink in the Disabled Toilet and a tap dribbling outside the kitchen (this was related to the auto watering system for the hanging baskets.) Unfortunately, Julian had been away for two weeks on other matters, which is why no progress had been made on the matter.
CI reported a smart wooden box now hid the salt supply for the road and car park as necessary. This was placed near the oil tank at the top of the Car Park.
CI again raised the matter of the disabled access problem if you left from any exit other than the front door. Efforts would now be made to dealt with this. PG pointed out Trevor Hoddinott had investigated the matter and had obtained quotes some time ago for the metal work. LL will liaise with TH.  
  1. Treasures Report The Treasurer produced a schedule showing all the “income” and “expenditure” so far for the current financial year starting in September which was very helpful. This allowed the Trustees to see what major expenditure had taken place, as well as gauge the use of the hall particular for Casual Hirers. We could thus see our income was keeping pace with expenditure. It also allowed us to determine whether we had sufficient to cover the proposed cost of the new curtains and likely cost of dealing with the new lights for the Gibbs room. PH advised the amount we had in our current account at end of December stood at £12,188.77. which should be adequate to cover new Curtains and the Gibbs room improvements. PH said she would hope to avoid dipping into our reserves at this was earning good interest.
  1. Gibbs Room Lighting and other work in this room.  LL advised she had obtained a quotation from Specialist Lighting Services (UK) Ltd for renewing lighting throughout the building, but a recent quote for just the Gibbs Room gave a cost at £2600 (Including VAT) She had also been in touch with Dave Harris who would be willing to deal with the fitting of the new LED lights etc. It would take him 2 days and his labour cost would be £360. However, DH felt the suggested lights and associated equipment etc. was over specified and he would talk to his own expert with a view to seeing if a less expensive, but adequate lighting system for the Gibbs room could be obtained. The order of work for the Gibbs room would be painting the walls first and a small team of LL CI DV and IC would deal with this, although the lights needed to be fitted beforehand and until DH came back with a new quotation the painting was to be held in abeyance.  Following the fitting of the new LED lights the painting could be carried out and the new floor ordered and put down. LL asked if she could go ahead with the Gibbs room if we could put an upper limit of say £4,000 on the whole package. PH said she felt we had sufficient to go ahead. LL will keep Trustees abreast of developments by email.
  1. AOB
The matter of whether we should have solar panels on the hall roof was raised. JC said he had investigated the matter when at Maylands Farm and found that if they faced West rather than the optimum South, then the reduction in performance was only about 7%. Obviously north was not appropriate and East also gave a very poor performance.   CI said he could get Steve Mews to advise us, as he had done considerable work for Wedmore on the matter of renewable energy and solar panels.
PG advised there were two items that Trustees needed to be aware of from recent legislation. The first was Safeguarding although this was unlikely to affect us directly, as we are primarily a management team and not responsible for this matter for individual events. Some of our hirers may need to be aware of the issues. However, one of the key events where this could be an issue being Sunday Breakfast was run by our church and they had several persons in charge who were known to have undergone the required training. We obviously had a policy to deal with Young people and Vulnerable Adults and this would be reviewed to check it was adequate.
The second was more pertinent and that was the requirements flowing from the General Data Protection Regulation which was an EU directive that would come into force on 25th May 2018. This meant we had to consider what personal information we had; what we would use this for; and ensure those persons who had given us the data were happy for us to use it for the prescribed purpose. The whole process and policy on the data should be recorded. LL would look at how she obtained the information for the “Yarbleton” messages to check on permissions etc. PG would be attending a course on the issues shortly and before the next Trustees meeting at the end of March.
CI reported that at last BT had said they could purchase the old Telephone Box in Henton, although precisely what they would do with it, was up to debate; suggestions from a CD/DVD library to plant sales were mooted.
A further disabled space was suggested at the last meeting. NA will get her husband to liaise with John Rose and David Vincent about where to put it and the painting thereof. The small partial space next to the disabled space near the ramp was confusing. It was suggested this be labelled M/C for a Motor Cycle and this would resolve the confusion.  
Dates of next Meetings for 2018: Thursday 29th March, Thursday 19th July, Thursday 25th October: The AGM to be on Thursday 29th November followed by Short Trustees meeting.