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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 25th October 2018
held in Gibbs Room at 7:30pm
Present Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Ian Chalk, Chris Inge, David Vincent, Gerry Cox, Nancy Alcock, David Browne, and Diana Wagstaffe
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence. Had been received from Hope Mayne.
  1. Approval of Minutes of 19th July 2018 The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of Proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising from Minutes of 19th July 2018
DV advised they now had a quote for the LED lights for the main hall. They would be a simple replacement, they would not be dimmable as this would involve extra wiring. DV and IC would be assisting Dave Harris to do the work LL advised the costs were LED lights £1854 and labour at £180 for a day. Dave Harris thought they could do the work in one day. (Gerry Cox {to be treasurer from AGM in November} confirmed there were sufficient funds to go ahead with this work See Item 7 Work Plan Update)
  1. Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting on 13th September 2018 The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair as a record of Proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising from Minutes of 13th September.
    GB raised the matter of keeping Trustees informed particularly in relation to work undertaken by Sub Committees and in this case not being advised that a sub-committee had been set up. After further discussion it was agreed that some of the work had been highlighted in the Works Plan. However, it was agreed by the Secretary his minutes as long ago as January 25th 2018 should have been expanded at paragraph 5 to show the persons listed LL CI DV and IC were not only going to attend to work in the Gibbs room after fitment of the LED lights in that room, but that they constituted a Sub-Committee which would consider the whole matter of sustainable energy as it may affect the Hall.  Furthermore, more proactive communication should have been made between meetings to ensure Trustees were kept in the picture and would thus have an opportunity to comment on matters before any scheme of action was presented to the Trustees. The subsequent minutes should also have made clear what investigations or proposals they had considered before presenting the Trustees with the scheme of Photovoltaic cells and a Heat Source Pump.  
    LL advised that the final bill for fitting the Photovoltaic cells was a little higher than they had anticipated because the VAT was levied at 20% rather than 5%. This reduced level had been withdrawn some 2 years ago. However, the good news was that we were generating more electricity than anticipated and even the cells on the west side produced electricity before the sun got around to that side. The meeting on the 14th October to outline the work and benefits of “Green Henton” (Henton Hall Limited) to local residents of both Henton and Wookey went well. The installation of the Air Source Heat Pump would begin on 5th November. Initially they would only be working overhead above the Gibbs Room and Kitchen, but for two days on 14th and 15th November they would be fitting extra radiators in the Rose Hall and thus this would cause disruption and may mean that any users who normally use the hall on these dates would need to make alternative arrangements or cancel their meeting. NA said they had a Speaker coming on Wednesday 14th for WI meeting. It was agreed they could use the Gibbs room, but there would not be any heating so would need to bring electric heaters.
    GB was again concerned the Trustees had been presented with agreeing to something that was already “in motion”. DV explained that the dates had only been agreed 2 days beforehand and he was concerned not to upset our key user “Headway” and thus Tuesday and Friday were out. They would need two days to carryout the work. He could change the dates, but the same issues to Users would arise. A show of hands indicated most trustees felt the work should go ahead, despite the disruption, on the dates DV had agreed with the supplier. DB echoed the remarks of GB above about lack of previous notice to the Trustees of actions affecting the Hall. He appreciated many hours of work had been done by the Sub Committee to get these matters thus far, but actual minuting of such actions or keeping trustees informed before a meeting where a decision may be needed was often absent.   
  1. Treasurers Report including Report and Accounts for year ending 31 August 2018
    PR advised that she had now transferred the £1,500 on deposit to the Lloyds current account and had also had an acknowledgement that we would get the monies from the Secure Trust Fund in December of about £12,100. The delay was due to our being on a 90day notice period which of course meant we had been getting a better rate of interest.
    As far as the Accounts for the year ending 31 August 2018 were concerned, regrettably they did not yet balance being out by £202.82. Despite being rather unwell, she had spent many hours hunting for the elusive error or extra item, but she would have to spend more time when she felt better to deal with the matter. However, it was pleasing to note the fees from Users had risen by about £2,500 above last year.
    PR was also concerned by emails she had received saying she should refund the Bar licence fee for this years’ Harvest Supper. LL said such emails should be sent and dealt with by her. There was some discussion on Bar licence fees and whether the Church should get this free as well as the Booking for the Fete and Harvest supper. PR advised that she had been informed by Peter Hardy the previous Treasurer that they only got the booking fees waived.
    LL said thanks should be recorded for all the work Pauline Rowe had done over the years and particularly lately with the number of extra matters arising from Green Henton. The trustees echoed their thanks.
  1. Work Plan Update. LL advised the person who might have been able to deal with refurbishing the small tables kept in the Gibbs Room had decided not to proceed with the work. The censor in the Ladies Toilet had been fitted and thus stopped these lights from being left on.
    Other items that needed attention were the double doors to the Gibbs room which needed widening by a few inches to allow the Piano to be wheeled into the Hall. PG advised from pictures he had during building of the Hall, all the double doors would seem to be the same size and he had a picture of the fire doors in the Rose Hall which showed the lintel should be wide enough to allow the few inches to be taken off the wall to allow the fitting of a larger door. DV said he could check by using a drill to find the position of the hard-concrete lintel. The question of the 3rd Disabled space was raised; John Alcock with DV could do the work once the site of the space was determined. (To be next to existing space by ramp to upper CP) The work for the creation of a small slope up to the area in front of the main doors, to allow wheelchairs to get to the exit slope in case of fire, was in hand. The hardcore required had already been obtained. LL was looking for possible funds such as TESCO as it was intended to have planters and make the area look attractive. Thanks, were offered to IC for his efforts in setting up the key safes these were working well; indeed, the Caretakers duties had diminished as a result. (LL reported that at moment Jo Waterman the Caretaker was in Yeovil Hospital, having had a relapse in her health which was worrying.)                                                                                    
    GC said looking at the accounts he felt all the works mentioned in particular the LED lights in the Rose Hall could go ahead. Going forward it would help to put a rough cost against the items, so a budget could be established and then the accounts manged accordingly as income came in over the year. LL advised that as we would be considering matters such as fee levels at the July meeting to be ready to issue the Regular Users their contracts from 1st September. In future it made sense to review and consider a budget for the following year at that meeting.
    LL said the Works plan was coming a little confusing and after the AGM the matters completed would be removed in the meantime she would update and reissue shortly.
  1. Brief Report on the Community Council of Somerset Training Day.
PG advised there had been two main topics discussed. First was Safeguarding and Henton had our Safeguarding policy in place, as well as our Hiring Agreement highlighting the fact that Users should be careful when dealing with children, young people or vulnerable adults. The policy is available for scrutiny and a copy is kept in the Blue folder in the Foyer.

Second was Fire Risk Assessment. This session went into considerable detail. Two aspects were noted flammable materials, how and where stored and; “Is the Building Sum Assured sufficient?” PG said for Insurance he would consider whether there is need of an assessment by an Expert. The Sum Insured had just been increased by inflation each year. Obviously, it was in the Insurance company’s interest to have such inflation increases correct, but after 20 years we could be “drifting” from an appropriate figure.
Finally, PG was able to show the certificates that we had achieved Hallmark 1, 2 and 3. These would be placed in the Foyer.
  1. AOB
    LL was concerned about the difficulty in getting at items in the store Room. It did appear one of the Short Mat Bowls metal cabinets was basically empty and could go. As far as flammable materials were concerned there are apparently a lot of WI records and these could go off to The Heritage Centre at Taunton who provide a depository for such material.
    LL said several people currently had knowledge of how to do certain jobs such as Polishing the Hall Floor or setting the Heating clock timer. In due course these should be written up and placed in a folder on Google Drive.
    GB raised the matter of whether we needed extra or more regular meetings (This should have been an Agenda Item). LL said once we have had the AGM and reviewed the Works plan then at the January meeting we could decide if further meetings were needed. At the Moment meetings in January, April, July, October and AGM in November should be sufficient, but by January we will have a better idea of what still needs doing and be better able to Judge the need for extra meetings.

    Funds were being raised by The Ring of Bells in Wookey for Defibrillator including one for the Hall. 
    LL advised that there were in theory funds available from the Hinkley point Community Fund where the building of the new Reactor Hinkley ”C” had an adverse effect on a community from say additional traffic. While it was felt the amount of traffic down the B3139 had increased providing proof it was due to Hinkley was quite difficult.
Dates of next Meetings for 2018: The AGM to be on Thursday 29th November followed by Short Trustees meeting.