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When COVID 19 restriction lifted then come and join us every Thursday we are always looking for new members

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Pilates Class at Henton

Suspended while COVID 19 restrictions operate: if interested in Pilates contact Anne Tully 07824 665987

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usually from 10am for 4pm A huge selection of books are available to borrow for small donation in Foyer of Hall.

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Worth Harvest Home Supper and Abba's Angels Tribute Band

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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 29th March 2018
held in Gibbs Room at 7:00pm
Present Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Ian Chalk, Chris Inge, Hope Mayne, David Vincent, Nancy Alcock,
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence. David Brown and Diana Wagstaffe LL explained that John Castree now living in Wells had resigned and although he had raised the matter of representation at the Short Mat Bowls AGM no replacement representative for SMB was found.
  1. Minutes of meeting of 25th January 2018
Were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising. There were a number of matter arising relating to the recent work done in the hall and thus item 5 on the agenda was brought forward.
    LL advised that the curtains in the Rose Hall would be taken down, so the end walls could be painted over at the Easter Weekend. However, as there was a delay in the supply of the material for the new curtains being made by Hemstitch, they would not be replaced until about 21st April. As can be seem the new LED Lights have been fitted in the Gibbs Room and the Kitchen. Motion sensors had also been fitted to the lights in the Ladies and Gents Toilets, so they did not stay on unnecessarily. The walls of the Gibbs room had been painted and the target date for the new Carpets tiles in the Gibbs Room was 23 April.
    These above improvements although needing capital outlay would provide saving in running costs. This went some way to addressing the question of “sustainable energy”; a subject that had been raised by new resident Lee Hooker who had interest in the matter. Consideration would be given to have a talk from an expert such as Steve Mews in this field and how we might have Photo Voltaic cells on the roof.
    The question of how to improve the small tables that were kept in the Gibbs room was raised. They were not easy to stack and indeed the stacking had probably given rise to the damage mainly on the corners.
There had been an issue with the Disabled Toilet window, but this had been attended to and the leak under the basin was also no longer an issue.
LL said she had yet to contact Trevor Hoddinott as to what was involved in relation to a ramp outside the kitchen so that Wheelchairs did not meet steps when exiting from the Gibbs room or the rear of the Hall.
{A letter has since been sent to TH to raise the matter}
  1. Treasures Report
    The Treasurer produced a schedule showing all the “income” and “expenditure” so far for the current financial year up to March 2018.
    While the balance at the end of February was £13,203.20 and thus healthy enough to cover the various bills arising from Gibbs Room improvements and painting PR was concerned with the electricity bill which had at last been produced on an actual reading and was over £4,000. This was totally out of scale with previous bills indeed the whole year was put at £1,200 in the annual accounts. After some discussion it was felt this bill should be queried with the new suppliers.
    PR also raised the matter of Data Protection. This was in relation to the EU directive The General Data Protection Regulation. The main issue was that the data we held should be kept safe and only used for the purposes of managing Hall affairs. Most trustees had names and addresses telephone numbers and Email addresses, but PR also had specific financial details, so she could pay our employees obviously this data would not be shared with other Trustees. What was also required was our own “Data Protection Policy” and a document had been produced by the Secretary for this purpose. In considering the safety of data, it was pointed out that as a minimum Trustees should have a password (At least 8 Characters alphabetic and numerical) on any Laptop or Desktop computer they used. In relation to more sensitive data Trustees should look to have a further totally different password for the given File(s) they used or put into a lockable cabinet.
  1. Work Plan update.
    This item had been dealt with under item 3 Matters arising. LL added to the above by saying that although the curtains would be taken down and replaced the actual material having been washed and reproofed would be used for curtains in the Gibbs Room to save costs.
  1. HallMark 1, 2 & 3.PG advised trustees they had submitted an application for obtained the accreditation for the Hal for all 3 areas covered by the HallMark scheme. We already had 1 and 2 but felt it was worth going for 3 as well. This introduced the Topics of Community/social awareness, forward planning and development. Much of this was now covered by our plan of works plus the increased use of the Website. The minutes were now posted on the website and a leaflet describing all the facilities and clubs using the hall; plus booking details was available for any visitor. PG advised that the very fact that we had submitted for HallMark 1 and 2 and now 3 meant it kept us on our toes and ensure we had processes and practices up to date. A key folder of a Trustees welcome pack was as a direct result of going through the application process last time. Few Halls in our area actually had 3 and would give us a certain kudos and ‘selling’ point
  1. Trustee Representative for Short Mat bowls
    This had been dealt with under item1
  1. AOB DV advised that ‘Truespeed’ would be making a presentation at the hall at 6:30pm on Wednesday 4th April about having Fibre internet connections to your house. Not just to the BT box, currently at Yarley Cross
Dates of next Meetings for 2018: Thursday 19th July, Thursday 25th October: The AGM to be on Thursday 29th November followed by Short Trustees meeting.