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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 30th November 2017
held in Gibbs Room at 7:30pm
Present Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Gerald Burridge, Dian Wagstaffe, David Vincent, John Castree, Ian Chalk, David Vincent, Chris Inge, Liz Little
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence.  Hope Maye, David Browne
  1. Election of Chair
PG temporarily took the Chair to elect a person willing to hold the position of Chair of the Hall Committee. PG proposed Liz Little this was seconded by John Castree and the motion carried with one abstention.
  1. The Minutes of meeting of 19th October 2017. Were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of proceedings.
  1. Matters Arising
There were none.
  1. Treasures Report The Treasurer advised that there were no additional matters to raise that had not already been discussed at the previous meeting being the AGM.
  1. Plan of Works for Coming Year.  Liz Little (LL) said the idea of having a budgeted plan of works was put forward at the Community Council for Somerset training day. LL had considered the various issues arising at previous meetings and had attempted to create such a plan. For a Plan of Works to run smoothly, it needed a comprehensive picture of the cash flow as the year proceeded. She was mindful of introducing a Google Drive to allow Trustees to access appropriate documents and enable progress on any particular work to be tracked. There were a number of big ticket items that had been highlighted at previous meetings, namely the curtains in the main hall as well as the floor covering in the Gibbs room. She already hoped to have a detailed plan to put before the committee, but had been hampered by not knowing when the cash injections arose through the year from say the fees from regular users and when large expenditure items such as insurance, or the purchase of oil occurred. She was concerned that Headway provided about a third of the annual funds and their loss would be difficult to replace in the short term. With a Business Plan in place it would be easier to handle this risk. PH was concerned about putting the full financial details on a Google Drive and felt she could not concede to this request.  DV felt that as long as we had a regular note of income and expenditure we could make appropriate decisions on what work we could undertake. PH agreed with this and always gave these brief figures at Trustees meetings. However, there were personal details of employees on her financial files and she could not allow this information to be passed out to all trustees. {There are Data Protection issues in relation to such information which will need to be considered under the GDPR EU Directive that would be more strongly enforced from May 2018}
LL Then produced a draft Job Plan listing the various items that she knew needed attention. These were roughly in order of priority.
Two points that needed early attention was the flush system for the Gent’s Toilet and this was being considered by Julian Rodda. It is to be based on a motion sensor ensuring there was regular flushing although the cost was unlikely to be too expensive at about £250. The other matter was the Ladies Toilet where improvements were needed. These included new loo seats, the repositioning of sinks so there was adequate room for baby-changing. In addition, a motion sensor for the lights would help so they did not get left on.
To proceed with any work the first aspect was to have an overall Colour Plan so that any materials chosen would fit in with the Halls décor. With the help from Hope Mayne a colour chart had been produced. This took into account the Red of the new chairs the Cream (magnolia) walls and the Blue and Green of existing curtains and blinds.
With the above in mind the new carpet tiles for the Gibbs Room would be a light grey. The tiles were of a stain resistant material. The expected cost was about £1,700
Various quotations for the replacement of the Hall curtains had been obtained. Being Dimity Button at £2,213 including new rails; Harris Stephens at £1,696 but no rails; neither quote included fitting. LL was aware that Alison Browne was seeking a 3rd quotation. The proposal that the curtains be replaced was made by DV and seconded by CI. A Sub Committee of David Browne, Hope Mayne, Nancy Alcock was suggested and LL would check  these people are happy to deal. Hope Mayne had suggested that a lot of the existing curtain material could be salvaged and used for the smaller curtains in the Gibbs room. Problems with pulling the curtains may be overcome by using a silicon spray DV will look into this to help with the closing of the existing curtains until the new ones are available.
Another matter was the improvement or replacement of the lights. The Perspex covers in the Gibbs room were damaged and needing replacing and while this was done the whole question of using LED lights should be considered. LL said she could get a proper professional survey of what lights would be needed and the expected costs from a firm in Bristol; after discussion it was agreed that this should go ahead. It was noted that though they LED lights were expensive they could save up to 40% in running costs.
It was decided that before any work proceeded we should consider decorating the walls and in particular the Gibbs room. It was agreed that this work of painting the walls could be done by the Trustees and DV and IC both volunteered to deal with this.
The order was thus:
  1. Decorate Gibbs Room – Magnolia
  2. Lighting Survey
  3. Carpets for Gibbs Room from Wells City Floors.
Other matters consider by the Trustees on the Job Plan were whether we should have a contingency plan if the Boiler should fail and whether we should consider renewable energy.
LL then advised that Rachel Rodda had stepped down from the actual cleaning job and would just be the Caretaker, although she would be making spot checks on the state of the building after weekend use. Her cleaning duties would be taken over by Ursula who would be doing 2 hours a week and was willing to fit this in as needs demanded depending usage, particularly at weekends.
  1. AOB
CI raised the matter of salt for the road which would be coming from Highways via Wookey Parish Council. It was agreed that we could locate a suitable bin at the bottom of the car park near the Notice BoardHe also said people doing speed checks in the Wookey Parish would appreciate being able to store their high visibility jackets at the hall. It was agreed these could go in the store room and the Speed Guns in say the Microphone Cupboard.

Finally, CI was hopeful some progress could be made in providing a proper alternative exit for people in wheelchairs. The current exit via the doors in the Gibbs room, or rear of hall had the problem of coming to steps outside the Kitchen. PG advised Trevor Hoddinott had done some investigations on this; that is having a slope by partly removing the steps outside the kitchen. LL will liaise with TH regarding this, to see if some progress can be made.
Dates of next Meetings for 2018: Thursday 25th January, Thursday 29th March, Thursday 19th July, Thursday 25th October: The AGM to be on Thursday 29th November followed by Short Trustees meeting.