Henton Badminton Club

Come and join us every Thursday throughout the year we are always looking for new members

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Pilates Class at Henton

Pilates for beginners and more experienced if you are interested in Pilates contact David Vincent 674105

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Wessex Daffodil Society Annual Show

Come and see a range of Daffodil's in all their spendour

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Borrowing Library

usually from 10am for 4pm A huge selection of books are available to borrow for small donation in Foyer of Hall.

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Henton Church Fete

A Jolly afternoon with many stalls Dog Show and B-B-Q in evening

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Mill Stream Villages Association AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Mill Stream Villages Association

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Japanese Embroidery

First Saturday of Month Japanese Embroidery all day from 9:00am to 4:00pm

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Somerset Area Ramblers

AGM at 2pm and moring walk + Speakers from Head Office and about Sustainability/ Climate change

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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 4th April 2019
held in Gibbs Room at 7:15pm
Present: Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Gerald Burridge, Nancy Alcock, David Browne, Diana Wagstaffe Ian Chalk and David Vincent.
Action by:
1.   Apologies for absence. Gerry Cox Hope Mayne
Note: Chris Inge has now resigned as no longer a Wookey Parish Councillor.
2.   Approval of Minutes of 17th January 2019 The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of proceedings.
3.   Declaration of Other Interests
Now that there is a close connection between Henton Hall Limited (Green Henton) and The Henton Village Hall Trust it is appropriate for Trustees who may hold offices in both to declare the matter. It was thus noted that Liz Little, Gerry Cox and David Vincent are Directors of Henton Hall Limited however, it was not considered that there would be a conflict of interest in relation to the matters being discussed at the meeting. .
4.   Matters Arising from Minutes of 17th January 2019
LL advised that following Chris Inge stepping down from being a Wookey Parish Councillor he would no longer serve as WPC liaison and thus no longer serve as trustee. It was agreed to send a letter on behalf of the Trustees for the years of service. PG will deal.
GB raised the question of whether we as a village hall committee were confident that the new Air Source Heat Pump ASHP would deliver sufficient heat during cold periods in the winter after we decommissioned the Oil-fired boiler.
There was much discussion and overall both DV and LL felt once we had run for a year, we would be better able to ensure the Heating was turned on sufficiently early to have the temperature in the hall up to an appropriate temperature. It should be born in mind that as soon as we have an internet link then we will be able to set the heating to come on in advance remotely. Vanessa (Booking Secretary) will be tasked with doing this as she would know who all the bookings are; and their timings.
Also once we have a smart meter installed the costing of running the ASHP could more easily be determined bearing in mind much of the electricity we used is generated by the Photo Voltaic Cells.
There was concern over the PA system, in that it had been carefully set to provide the optimum sound setting, However, it had been altered. The correct settings will be marked and notices saying not to alter the settings will be placed both above and inside the cupboard where the equipment is housed.   It was a little frustrating that we had no other cupboard that could easily be used to house the microphones so the actual amplifier etc could be locked and only certain people have the key. LL advised that at the moment she had made little headway with Headway in that they had cupboards near the servery which would be better used for the storing of the glasses and in turn free up at least part of a cupboard for the microphones.
PG raised the question of whether the free events for Church included a bar licence. After some discussion it was felt that we had already had several private events which had covered the Mendip District Council charge for having an Alcohol license so therefore the Fete and BBQ would be free.  
5.   Treasurers Report
GC was unable to be at the meeting being abroad. LL was able to advise that we had £7,620 in our current account This did not include the £2,000 coming from Tesco’s shortly under their community benefit scheme
6.   Latest Work Plan.  The latest work plan dated 20 March 2019 had been circulated to Trustees. Item (1) was as stated above that we now had £2,000 to enable us to brighten up the entrance. The rejuvenated entrance area would include a ramp allowing Wheelchairs exiting from the rear of the hall without hindrance to the Fire Assembly point in the Car Park.  At various strategic points wooden Planters would be placed to ensure wheelchairs do not wander off the ramp. These will become herb gardens and local residents will be invited in due course to pick the various herbs; subject to a small donation. A rough outline of how the entrance area will look was presented to Trustees. The planting scheme would take into account the present garden area and already initial work to improve the light had been made by pruning on lower branches from the various trees.
DV advised the concreting required in respect of the ramp
would be combined with the concrete needed to provide the foundation for the Shed.
(2) Small Tables Refurbishment is on hold for the moment (3)  The improvement to the Ladies Toilet will also have to wait while other matters are dealt with.
(4) Internal Decorating will be dealt with shortly. (5) RE Shed; As mention the initial stage will be providing the concrete base. (6) Reorganising the storeroom will follow the building of the Shed but has become easier following the fact that the Table Tennis table had been removed.
(10) LL raised the matter of having large pictures in the main hall. Neville had a collection of old Henton photos which could be used. There was much discussion on this item including having some old and some new both Black and White and Colour and even a competition to choose appropriate winners. There would be an effort to involve children; possible judges included Jason Bryant photographer for Wells Journal. Perhaps announce the winner at the Fete.
7.   Jobs List Review and Update 
The list was gone through and the following amendments or changes were made per attached list dated April 2019.
(The previous list was dated June 2018)
8.   Fire Drills How Often Do we need them.
DB advised he had studied the legislation concerning Fire Safety and Drills the only time aspect mentioned was annually although this did not seem to be essential. After some discussion it was agreed that the Regular Users should have a Fire Drill at least once a year.  He had been given a full list of Regular user groups and 9 had done fire Drills out of 15. He will chase those who had yet to confirm they had done a drill.
9.   Terms of Reference
This will be left until the next meeting.
10.                AOB
The question of whether Hall Committee should hold fund raising events for Hall Funds was considered and the idea of having a Social Events sub Committee was raised. This matter would be an agenda item at the next meeting.
NA advised that they had had a very interesting and successful event recently being Lloyd Tucker from Wedmore who had been crowned Young Butcher of the year 2010. Unfortunately, the turn out from the local residents was poor with several people who had come from far and wide wondering “where are the locals.” It was something that should have appealed to a younger audience. However, persuading them to come was a problem.

Regarding the hanging baskets which we normally get made up and have to pay in the order of £92, but by just buying the plants and doing the planting ourselves will save about£37
LL mentioned that Ursula now ensures she uses “green” cleaning materials and perhaps a notice this effect should appear to encourage others to be “green”.
Dates of next Meeting Thursday 4th July, Thursday 24th October. The AGM will be on Thursday 28th November 2019 followed by a SHORT Trustees meeting.