Henton Badminton Club

Come and join us every Thursday throughout the year we are always looking for new members

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Pilates Class at Henton

Pilates for beginners and more experienced if you are interested in Pilates contact David Vincent 674105

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Wessex Daffodil Society Annual Show

Come and see a range of Daffodil's in all their spendour

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Borrowing Library

usually from 10am for 4pm A huge selection of books are available to borrow for small donation in Foyer of Hall.

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Henton Church Fete

A Jolly afternoon with many stalls Dog Show and B-B-Q in evening

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Mill Stream Villages Association AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Mill Stream Villages Association

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Japanese Embroidery

First Saturday of Month Japanese Embroidery all day from 9:00am to 4:00pm

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Somerset Area Ramblers

AGM at 2pm and moring walk + Speakers from Head Office and about Sustainability/ Climate change

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- Henton Village Hall -

Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 4th July 2019
held in Gibbs Room at 7:15pm
Present: Liz Little (Chair) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Gerry Cox (Treasurer) Gerald Burridge, Anna Vincent, David Browne, Diana Wagstaffe, Ian Chalk, David Vincent, and Michelle Durrant.
Action by:
1.   Apologies for absence. Hope Mayne and Colin Williams
2.   Approval of Minutes of 4th April 2019 The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair as a true record of proceedings.
3.   Declaration of Other Interests
Now that there is a close connection between Henton Hall Limited (Green Henton) and The Henton Village Hall Trust it is appropriate for Trustees who may hold offices in both to declare the matter.

It was thus noted that Liz Little, Gerry Cox and David Vincent are Directors of Henton Hall Limited however, it was not considered that there would be a conflict of interest in relation to the matters being discussed at the meeting.
Peter Gatenby declared an interest in Item 7 on the Agenda Re The Mill Stream Villages Association sign for Henton.
4.   Matters Arising from Minutes of 4th April 2019
PG advised he had sent a letter of thanks to Chris Inge for his work over the years as WPC liaison Trustee.
The Table Tennis table had now been removed from the Store Room and it was unlikely that the Table Tennis club would operate in the near future.
5.   Treasurers Report
GC provide an Income and Expenditure report showing the position after 9months ending 31 May 2019. This was compared with the full year ending 31 August 2018 Overall we were doing well and bearing in mind the fact that there were large expenses last year such as carpets curtains and decorating it was expected we could be looking at a surplus of about £5,000 at the end of the year.
The current account on 4th July 2019 stood at £11,400. GC said he had reviewed some of the expenses to consider whether they were appropriate. In respect of the Boiler we paid an annual £254 extended warranty insurance. However, he recommended this be discontinued as we no longer relied on the boiler with Air Source Heat Pump now operating. It was felt the hiring fees level was about right. PG commented that he felt the level had been a little high but other Halls had “caught up” with us. It was however quite difficult to compare fee levels as every hall had a different method of charging.
GC advised he now needed to have each of the proposed Projects in the Job Plan list with an expected cost to enable him to create a robust budget.
DB noted at present we relied on the single income stream of hiring fees. Was it worth considering other ways of making money? It was noted that occasionally we allowed the uses of tables or the car park for events not taking place at the hall. PG said he usually gave a donation of about £20 if The Ramblers started a walk from here and used the car park. Vanessa would also give a donation for borrowing tables for her Artisan Market about twice a year. Some discussion was given to whether running a Film Club would work and certainly a permanent screen coming down from the ceiling could be arranged. However, in practice this was unlikely to work as the former Film Club had to stop for want of patrons.  It may be worth conducting a survey across the villages to find out what they may want from their village hall
6.   Latest Work Plan.  (1) LL Advised the slope for wheelchairs had now been completed and the Bench given by Headway had been placed to one side of the improved entrance area. The cost had been born by the Tesco contribution of £1,000. (2) The small tables refurbishment was considered; in the end it was felt it would be simpler to just put new tops on the metal frames, a target date of April 2020 with cost of say £250. (3) Re Ladies Loo a lot of work is needed here to update. A Baby changing “shelf” that could be let down across a sink may work better, also a vanity cupboard underneath for spare toilet rolls and cleaning materials would be better rather than having these item all the way down in the store room It may also be worth replacing the taps LL will review the matter and get an estimate of cost. Target set for November 2019 (4) Regarding decorating The Paint had already been bought it was a question of time to undertake the painting a target date of November 2019 was set. (5) The shed for Fete equipment etc., had been started and was likely to exceed the original estimated cost. A sum of £1,500 was more realistic. (6) Reorganise Storeroom: This will be done once Shed is up. (7)  Refining booking system GC would be talking with Booking Secretary Vanessa Lancaster. (8 Defibrillator ‘coming soon’ (9) Refine AHSP Heating:  Once Truespeed have put in the Internet link we can deal. (10) Pictures for Main Hall The trustees were shown two that had been done so far. There were of the The Henton Society marching passed the Church in 1910 and The clearing a rein It was decided there was need for 8 and to be mounted above the plastic rail for hanging occasional notices etc. (11) Succession Planning no one had come forward so far re jobs of Chairman and Secretary However, one person had been identified that may be willing to take the Chair but perhaps in one or two years.*** (12) Work will be needed to remove the large amount of garden waste that had accumulated at the east of the car Park (13) Recycling. MD asked what we did about recycling and whether we could have appropriate bins for plastic tins etc. At present we do not have a collecting from the hall. It was pointed out that we do pay our rates and should be entitled to a collection. At the moment Tina Edgecombe kindly allows us to put small quantities of such things as glass bottles in her bins for collection. I may be worth trying and get people to not only take rubbish away but to recycle it. *** (Since the meeting the person identified has decided against standing)
7.   Terms of Reference
This had been circulated to Trustees and all were happy to approve them.
8.   The Mill Stream Villages Association sign for Henton PG outline the plan to place the sign in the small piece of garden just as you leave the car park on the westerly side. Pictures to show the sign as it would appear were given to trustees. Care would be taken it did not obstruct the view for traffic leaving the hall. This position would however block sight of the Events Board. It was therefore agreed after discussion that the Mill Stream Village Association would agree to provide a new double-sided events boards to the east side of the Car Park entrance. This would overcome the existing problem of having to balance high up on rather make-shift steps to add events to the board. On this basis it was agreed the sign could go at the Hall entrance.
9.   AOB
GB wondered whether we should invest in some Christmas Lights for the Hall. He noted the church had lights put up for the weeks of Carol Service and Christmas, while the Hall remains in the dark. D Harris had already given a quote for an outside weather-proof socket Costs were Socket/timer £45 and labour say £50 Then there would be the cost of the lights depending on what was chosen. It was agreed this can go ahead with a small sub-committee set up of GB IC DV DB to deal Total Budget £500.
10.                AOB
Jenny Bond had enquired whether it would be possible to have a Christmas Dinner in the village hall on Christmas day as part of community outreach looking particularly at people on their own at Christmas. It was agreed this could take place with no actual hiring charge.
GC said he would like to get rid of the need for the £100 deposit. It was a rather burdensome and rather pointless exercise, as it was almost never required in that every user, he had dealt with had not fallen foul of our regulations and had left the hall in good state. It was agreed we could do away with this requirement when hiring the hall. The Hiring Agreement would need amending.
In the coming months the Waterboard would be closing the road. Hirers need to be made aware of the access problem
DB Advised that all the Groups and Clubs had done a fire drill.
Open Gardens would go ahead in 2020 on Sunay14th June It would be appreciated if the hall could be open for Toilet use and use of Car Park .
GC said with an expected surplus of funds of about £5,000 Trustees may like to give thought of how we should use this money and improve the hall facilities. An idea was floated of having a large Marquee for Summer Weddings etc. However, the cost of having a proper floor and a dedicated team to erect it may outweigh any extra revenue.
The next meeting should be in October but now that GC had the accounts “under control” it was agreed we would now make the next meeting the AGM on 28th November 2019. There may be need for round-robin emails in the meantime.
NOTE Next Meeting NOW AGM on 28th November
Dates of next Meeting The AGM will be on Thursday 28th November 2019 followed by a SHORT Trustees meeting.