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Henton Village Hall
Minutes of Trustees Meeting 6th July 2017
held in Gibbs Room at 7:00pm
Present Piers Dalby (Chairman) Peter Gatenby (Secretary), Pauline Rowe (Treasurer), Nancy Alcock, Gerald Burridge David Browne, Diana Wagstaffe, Hope Mayne, Chris Inge, Ian Chalk David Vincent
Action by:
  1. Apologies for absence.  John Castree
  1. The Minutes of meeting of 23rd March 2017. Were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record of proceedings. (After a brief amendment clarifying that we intended to change to LED lighting when replacements were needed, but none had actually been fitted yet).
  1. Matters Arising The double-glazing units in the windows at the back of the hall have now been replaced. The small window in the toilet adjacent to the kitchen had been loosened, so it should now close properly. Gail Harris had finished painting the railings at the front of the hall (Trustees on exiting from the meeting all agreed she had done an excellent job.) She had also painted the Gentlemen’s Toilet walls. The floor in the disabled toilet had also been renewed which required the actual toilet to be taken out and replaced. Thanks to IC who assisted with this. It was noted this toilet’s walls now need repainting. Considerable time had been spent by IC in adjusting the fitments to the rear fire door, so it would shut properly, but of course still open easily from inside.
NA and DB then reported on the quotes they had obtained to replace the curtains in the Rose Hall Harris Stephens had provided a detailed breakdown of costs. The Total just for the curtains including the cost of material estimated at £600 amounted to about £2, 035 DB said his supplier was suggesting about £1700, but to this needed to be added the cost of materials. Neither quote allowed for a new system from which to hang the curtains. It was generally felt that if we were to go forward and replace the curtains then we should have a more robust system as these were very large and heavy curtains especially at the front of the hall.   Harris Stephens had also quoted for Roman Blinds in the Gibbs room at £220 each plus VAT. The main issue with these blinds at the moment, was the thin string used to raise and lower them which could be a safety risk particularly for young children. As an interim measure DV will see if the ‘tie-back’ position cannot be raised to be out of reach to children.
There was then some discussion on the “grumbling” Radiators these had been looked at and bled and this would hopefully improve the running of the heating system. If it was needed to flush out the system, it would cost in the order of £400. However, it was decided to wait until the winter and see if the heating was adequate before proceeding with this option.
  1. Treasures Report PR said we were in a reasonable state financially with about £8,800 in the current account This would rise further shortly when she got the annual payments from the regular hirers (Clubs and Societies) We also had £12,000 in the Secure Trust deposit account. The cost of electricity still gave cause for concern, but as we were about to finish with our fixed price contract, she had investigated other supplies prices via UA, but strangely the cheapest was likely to be our current supplier SSE.
Discussion then ensued on whether we should increase our hire rates CI rightly pointed out if we were covering our own costs adequately then the rates we charge can be maintained at the current rate. However, if we start to find ourselves in danger of running into debt then this should be the trigger to up rates, before we eat into our reserves. PD pointed out that on recent years we have been able to update or renew various aspects of the hall; (E.G. new chairs, new floor in the kitchen) from money in the current account, without the need to dip into our reserves. After further discussion if was agreed to leave the rates the same. PR pointed out that Vanessa Lancaster (booking secretary) had noted an anomaly with children’s parties the morning session ran from 9am to 1:00pm while the afternoon 1pm to 6pm. The afternoon session had now been altered to 2pm to 6 pm, that is both sessions were now 4 hours long AND importantly this gave the Caretaker Rachel Rodda time to check the hall had been left in a clean state. PR also asked that the Hire agreement be amended to have any damage deposit cheque dated the date of the event as many events were now being booked more than 6 months in advance. PG will deal.
  1. PA system.
The matter was raised purely because PG had realised after being prompted by others inside the hall on Fete day, that none of the announcements were heard over the PA. PD said it definitely worked in the morning when first tested. It was agreed that the matter would be looked at very carefully at future events where we need in and outside address system requirements.
  1. AOB PD advised he had a letter from Liz Little suggesting the setting up of a Yarbleton Book Club (Yarley Bleadney and Henton) She proposed the fitting of shelves in the Foyer, so when the hall was open, local residents could come and exchange books with minimal disturbance to anybody using the hall. CI advise a similar idea had been proposed for the Phone box, but there was a slight problem with Parish Councils owning assets which he hoped to overcome. Generally, the idea found favour. PD would advise Liz Little that pending the parish councils’ decision the Trustees would defer considering use of the hall for a book club, particularly as of course the Phone-box was open at all hours. The WPC (Wookey Parish Council) had a meeting very shortly.
PD then raised the matter of what parts of the hall should we continue to spend money on, if we were to maintain our efforts to keep the hall in good condition. Many matters were mentioned, these included not only whether we should go ahead with replacing the curtains, to painting the ladies’ toilet, renewing the flooring in the Gibbs room, or replacing the lights with LED lighting, which although expensive once up, could save us up to 40% less in running costs.
After some discussion if was agreed to get the Ladies Toilet repainted and PD would investigate the cost of replacing the carpet tiles in the Gibbs room with laminated flooring. As regards, the curtains it was felt at this stage we would leave it for another year and NA would go back to Harris Stephens on this basis.
DW was concerned that it was a problem exiting through the Kitchen door unless this was unlocked first. It was pointed out that we now had a knob on both Kitchen and main doors which if turned would allow the doors to be open whether locked from outside of not. PG would arrange for suitable notice to be affixed at both doors pointing this out.
PR said she (or Rather Mike Rowe) had updated our position with the Pensions Regulator in that we did not need to set up a Work-place Pension as neither Rachel nor Vanessa had opted to take up the offer. {In practice, they were unlikely to earn the minimum per annum to be eligible}
Finally, PD said he was still looking for a volunteer to become Chairman for the next and future years following the AGM in November. David Browne said he had carefully considered the matter but in that he had other matters on his time and had been a former Chairman of the hall where he used to live for 8 years he had decided he would rather not take up this office again. It was suggested we might like to approach Liz Little to see if she would be willing to fill the post.
PR said she would not be around on the 26th October it was therefore agreed to bring the next meeting forward to the 19th October.
Dates of next Meetings for 2017: Thursday 19th October: The AGM and short Trustees meeting will be on Thursday 30th November.