The Hall Trust is a member of The Community Council for Somerset and has been accredited with Hallmark 1, 2 & 3 whereby the hall's facilities and management processes are checked to ensure they are maintained to a high standard. The Trustees are proud that Henton Village Hall has the highest rating that can be achieved by Somerset village halls.

How does the Hallmark Scheme work? 

Developed by CCS (community Council for Somerset) and now a nationally recognised award, Hallmark level 1, 2 and 3 awards recognise good management and practice by the Community Building Management Committee.Community Buildings with the Hallmark award benefit recognition on funding applications both local and national grants as it evidences the high standard of the committee members and the merit of the hall and available to our Community Buildings members.

Assessment process

Hallmark uses a system of trained peer visitors who use checklists to identify performance and provide external validation of achievement. These peer visitors are often active hall committee members who have been through the Hallmark Scheme themselves.