Film Club is coming very soon

The Village Hall trustees are delighted to announce that plans for the formation of a Members’ Film Club have been finalised. We would like to present these plans to the

community at a social evening event, on Saturday 14th May, 7pm at Henton Hall .

Please do join us to see for yourselves what we feel is an exciting extension to our

social get-togethers. Complimentary refreshments will be offered to welcome you to

the event, which will include a sample film screening. At the event we will set out the

terms of membership, answer any questions you may have, and sign up members

who wish to support this new venture.

As a member, this will be your club and you will have the opportunity to contribute

to a small film selection group, to make suggestions for future showings.

We Look forward to seeing you on the evening.

Terry Mewse, Henton Film Club


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