We're fundraising for a children's play area!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We'd like to have a play area on the grass beside the hall, that will be fun for children from a wide range of ages. We want to get one that is of good quality, so it won't be cheap. This is the kind of thing we hope to be able to get if we can raise the money:


Have you heard of Captain Tom's 100 Challenge? We're going to have the Henton 100 Challenge.

During May, can you do 100 somethings? Maybe....

Make 100 scrunchies and sell them to your friends (like Caitlin will be doing)

Walk 100 miles (like Claire will be doing)

Make 100 things to sell outside your home (like Anita will be doing)

Pick up 100 pieces of litter from along the road (like Michelle will be doing)

Can we put your name against something? Let Claire know and we'll add you to the list!

Here's some ideas if you haven't got one yet....

Get your dog to catch a frisbee 100 times

Say nothing at all for 100 minutes

Do 100 skips with a rope in a minute (or 10 minutes maybe!)

Pull up 100 weeds from your garden

Cycle 100 miles

Swim 100 lengths of the pool

Read 100 pages of a book

Bake 100 cakes (there's lots of people in the villages who will buy them!)

Do 100 bounces on a trampoline

The thing needs to be a money-raiser so get your family, friends, colleagues etc to sponsor you. We're going to try not to raise all our money from within the villages....let's see if we can bring some new money in by asking people who live elsewhere to pledge a couple of pounds. It's probably best if the money is donated via a Go Fund Me or Just Giving page, but it could be cash.

This fundraiser is being led by Claire Wray. If you'd like to participate, let her know. Her email is


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