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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we are frequently asked. If you can't find the answer you need to a question about the hall generally, please send an email to  If you have a question about booking the hall, that isn't answered either on this page or on the Availability and Making a Booking page, please email

Q What is the best way to contact the Hall Trustees?

A Please contact the Trustee Secretary (see above) who will pass your enquiry / comment to the most appropriate person.

Q Are you a registered charity?

A Yes, our charity registration number is 1050967


Questions relating to hiring Henton Village Hall


Q What do you charge ?

A Click here to view our hire charges.

Q Who do I contact about hiring the hall?

A Go to the Availability and Making a Booking page. The Hallmaster system should be able to take your booking request. In case of difficulty, email

Q What equipment is available in the kitchen for hirers to use?

A There are 2 full-sized electric ovens, a ceramic hob, a microwave, kettles and hot water urn, two full-sized sinks, a fridge, a good selection of chopping boards, utensils etc.

Q Do you have crockery & cutlery ?

A  We have crockery and cutlery for at least 120 people. The use of this is included in hall hire fees. However, if you would like fully matching place settings for a dinner, you can hire this. We also have some white linen tablecloths that you may use. If you do so, we ask that you wash, iron and return them within 7 days after your hire of the hall.

Q What about glasses ?

A We have glassware that is also included in the hire fee. If additional glasses are required (or specific glasses, e.g. flutes) some supermarkets offer a free glassware loan service.

Q I would like to have a bar for my function. Is this possible?

A We have a Premises Licence that will allow you to sell alcohol at your event, subject to normal licensing regulations. 

Q Do you have a specific area for bar facilities?

A There is a servery hatch between the kitchen and the main Rose Hall. Most event organisers choose to use this as the bar, but it is possible to set up tables in the Gibbs Room or in Rose Hall if you would prefer this.

Q Do you have WiFi?

A Yes, we have superfast fibre broadband that is available for hall users.

Q Do you have a PA system?

A Yes. We have a wall-mounted speakers around the main hall. There is a lapel microphone and two handheld microphones. There is also a microphone stand if required.

Q Do you have a stage and lighting?

A We have movable stage blocks that can provide a raised area in a position that suits your needs. There is no specific stage lighting - bands bring their own portable lighting.

Q We would like more subdued lighting for our event, is this possible?

A There are LED lights in the ceiling of the main Rose Hall which provide bright lighting for sports, craft sessions etc, but there are also wall lights that can be used as well as, or instead of the main lights. These provide a more subdued effect.

Q What parking is available?

A The adjoining hall car park can accommodate up to 30 cars and includes 3 designated spaces for disabled drivers. The car park is well-lit. The hall has the use of an adjoining field if additional parking is required for a large event.

Q Do you allow bouncy castles?

Bouncy castles are permitted on the grassed area adjoining the hall. Please remember that you are responsible for the safety of the children using the castle and must provide evidence to the Village Hall Trustees that appropriate public liability insurance is in place. 


Q What is the latest time we can leave the hall?

A On Mondays to Fridays the hall must be cleared by 11.30pm. On Saturdays this is extended to 12.00 midnight. Sunday events must finish by 10.30pm.

Does the hall have a First Aid Kit?

A Yes. It is located in the entrance lobby. There is a defibrillator in the phone box opposite Henton Church. If you need to use this, phone 999 first, then send someone to fetch the defibrillator.

Questions relating to accessibility

Q I am a wheelchair user. Will I be able to access all areas of the hall?

A Yes. There is ramped access into the hall, and from all of the emergency exits. The doors into the hall and between the rooms in the Hall building are wide enough for a wheelchair to go through easily. There is a large disabled toilet which is separate from the Ladies', and Gents' facilities. 

Q I wear a hearing aid, do you have a loop system?

A Yes, the hall has a portable induction hearing loop system.

Q I have visual difficulties. Will I be able to move safely around the Hall?

A There is ramped access to the hall, and steps that have white edging. The doors are clearly contrasted from the walls. Lighting is good, including in the car park.

Q I have other access needs that are not covered by these questions. Will you be able to meet my needs?

A Please tell us your requirements. We will do our very best to meet them!

Questions relating to Policies

Q Where can I find your Fire Risk Assessment?

A It is available for viewing here.

Q Do you have a GDPR policy?

A Our Data Protection Policy is available for viewing here.

Questions related to Covid-19 pandemic

Q Is it safe to use Henton Village Hall during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

A We are only open when the Government deems it safe to meet in public places, and for those activities that are permitted at any given time. We have provided hand sanitizer and antiviral wipes for use by visitors.

Questions relating to the condition of the hall

Q What improvements have you made to the hall?

A We are fortunate to have a relatively new hall, but nevertheless, the Trustees have undertaken a programme of continuous improvement, the main one being reducing the hall's carbon footprint through the use of PV cells and an air source heat pump to generate power. There is an on-going programme of decoration to ensure that paintwork remains fresh and smart. The  kitchen has been refurbished in 2021.

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